Carden Alvar Nature Board by Bob BowlesA Crowd of Golden Butterflies

European Skippers have emerged and taken over Wylie Road! Thousands were seen today in every puddle and damp spot and covering flowers as well!

I have read that this species is introduced and outnumbers any other species in some places. I have never seen so many butterflies in one area and wouldn't be surprised if I never do again.

Although I tried not to run over them it was impossible not to. They flew up in huge clouds around my car.

There were a few of our native species too. The most numerous being Cabbage Whites. Maybe 5 White Admirals, 5 Tiger Swallowtails, a few Monarchs and a few Viceroys. Several other small species were seen but not identified.

Some sparrows seemed to be eating them.

All puddles looked like this!


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