Re(3): Wheres the help when you need it???

well to let you know debbie no it was not you and my grandma just working. just to let you know it was my gram, grampa, lisa, the kids and me that did all of the work and all you did was go out to the eating area and talk while we worked hard trying to make the people who came happy. thats right and you know it. Even i helped when i was not a menber yet but it was to help my gram, and Donna so they didn't have to do all the work. most of the time all you did is say how much weight you have lost and how you were so happy and all of the above. and YOU were the one who complained about us kids being in the way. But i seem to recall it was us kids and grandma and donna who usually did all the setting up and cleaning while you would go home and not help with the cleaning or anything like that. and no we dont need a break maybe you do but it makes us happy making others happy. We enjoyed every bit of the breakfasts and it has become part of what we do and now we have nothing to do on our Saturdays, no breakfasts or any more memories we can make because you said us kids got in the way. and no we dont need to change our attitudes you do. We were all always in a good mood when we worked we made what was considered a job into a playtime and still succeeded at what we did! We are not afraid to hide our names becuase we are telling the truth and nothing more. but you should be because half of what you said was not the truth. so you might want to change your story. You have ruined our Saturdays and you should be ashamed of yourself by putting everything on us kids, and Rose. Signed Cayley and Desirae


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