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part one

“What? What is it?” the raven asked curiously, peering down at his mistress from his place on her bedside table, beady black eyes alight with concern. Morgana sat up, pushing the blankets off her body, feeling suddenly flushed and turned her head in the bird’s direction. The girl touched the long pale fingers of her left hand to her head, trying to clear the images from her mind whilst attempting to make sense of them. She knew it was bad, the distinct feeling of dread which had plagued her for days told her that much, but everything else was a jumble of confused flashes, scenes which did not quite slot together. ”Well..?” Kraar asked, hopping down onto the bed to perch on her knee, but Morgana could only shake her head, “I don’t know Kraar, just...let me think.” her long black hair tumbled down over her shoulder as Morgana rested her head in her hands, wishing that Ewan was there with her, he would talk through everything with her, help her to make out what it was she had seen.

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