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I first read this email and was going to reply but decided to wait. I am sure that Michael felt good about what he did and I have been in that situation many times before wanting to help. The distress calls of a frog being eaten by a snake or a bird being eaten by a predator really moves you. I once showed a friend a Brown-headed Cowbird in a Chipping Sparrows nest and told him what would happen. He removed and broke the Cowbird eggs and when she laid another egg he broke that one as well. Man has always interferred or control nature. But lets look at the players involved in this case. Snapping Turtles keep the waterways clean and usually eat dead fish, frogs and other carrion. They have many predators including man as well as raccoons, skunks, and foxes that dig up and eat 98% of their eggs. They are now a species at risk of decline and listed as special concern since their population numbers are dropping. They will eat weak and injured birds like a gosling if it is not well otherwise it would not be able to catch it. But then again so will several species of fish. Canada Gesse on the other hand are now over populated and there are too many geese in the area which are fouling the waterways. This is nature way of balance when I species is over populated. If you are going to beat the turtle so that it drops its meal then you should be out beating the raccoons for digging up the eggs or beating the drivers on Victoria Road for running over snapping turtles with their cars. I know that it is sometimes hard to turn a blind eye but then you really need to understand the balance of nature before you interfere with that balance. At one time I would have done the same thing as Michael did and called it compassion. Just how far do you go with this compassion and not be selective.


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