Carden Alvar Nature Board by Bob BowlesRe(3): Solar Farms

I also live close to these proposed solar farms. I am concerned about many things to do this these projects and am uncertain how to move forward myself. From everything I have read there is little health effects on humans once the panels are installed and they say they also have little long term effects on the wildlife but am uncertain where to find out the true facts of what will be impacted.

I have recently been told that the organization is leveling property on Glenarm towards Beaverton and will start installation of the panels shortly.

I moved to the country to enjoy land which has been untouched by housing development,and industrial parkways, etc and see nature at its finest.

I don't know if this is stoppable. If it isn't I would like to be part of the process so I can ensure for my children's sake that the installations/maintenance and decommisioning are done responsibly so that there is minimal impact to our counrtyside.


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