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Wow,Rick!Tell us how you REALLY feel!I suppose you were referring to my post about the Granby photo possibly being a crossbreed.I know you printed crossbread (twice; one in each of your posts)and it crossed my mind for a second that maybe you were right in the spelling because you were more intelligent than I - having KNOWN it could not POSSIBLY be a crossbreed where as I (in my stupidity)thought it was a possibility.BREAD is that white crusty stuff that you make a sandwich out of - breed is what a male and female do in order to have offspring ( I know this because I have done it with several breeds of dogs - always breeding the same breed together not wanting crossBREEDS). Now that we have cleared that are right - this is just a hobby for me. It's something I enjoy reading and LEARNING about and believe me when I say I know I know VERY little about Mountain Lions.I do believe however that some of the people on this board are VERY knowledgable;Weather certainly being one of them. He doesn't jump to conclusions and compiles all the evidence before even posting a pic.He is in fact also so smart that he seeks opinions of those who may perhaps know even more than he does; for instance taxidermists who have seen many Mountain Lions; no doubt adult and juvenile.So....let us have our fun, fact why don't you join us. It's always good to hear another opinion.And now that you know the difference between bread and breed you will be sure to add to the interesting conversations we have!Not trying to rank on you! Just giving you a taste of your own medicine!We mean no harm to anyone!Careful when you're out there walking in the woods though - you may run into a cross piece of bread!!!


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