Quabbin Mass Mountain Lions

If you love mountain lions as much as I do...and I am sure that most of you do! You most likely are aware of the Quabbin Reservoir in Mass. It has a long history of confirmed mountain lion sightings and such. Remains of a mountain lion were found many, many years back including bones and scat. All officially confirmed. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been able to visit, and I have been around the world. But there is something so incredibly beautiful and untouched about the Quabbin. It is the reservoir that supplies all the water to the city of Boston. It is a heavily dense wooded area. Perfect place for mountain lions to live and thrive. Do you know that it was one of the first places Bald Eagles were reintroduced into the East again? and now you can see them everywhere it seems! Well, at least in Vermont we can!
So, my point is. My boyfriend grew up in the Quabbin area. His father saw a mountain lion run across the path while he was hiking in the Quabbin. He also found prints. His mother also used to see them quite often when her children were much younger. She would see the cats walking around the neighbor's barns. Recently, my boyfriend's mother saw a mountain lion run through a field in her backyard a few months before the mountain lion was hit by a car in CT. She described that cat perfectly. She was amazed by it's long tail. MANY of my boyfriend's friends have seen them as well. Although, they don't talk about their sightings much. They have actually said to me, "I think that I'm crazy for seeing them. People won't believe me if I say a saw them." But honestly, the MAJORITY of his friends have seen them. I trust them. We are all a hop skip and a jump from the age of 40. Why would they lie about seeing a big cat?!
My boyfriend also saw a mountain lion run across the highway in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. A place where they are known to be.
Every time we visit his family and friends we always take a very late night drive through the Quabbin area in search of mountain lions. We drive around the tiny roads looking for big cats so late in the night. So far we have not seen any....although the last time we were there we turned around a corner and there was a huge baby moose in the middle of the road. Amazing! We have also seen foxes, a baby coyote/wolf, a porcupine, and much more.
Someday I know that we will see a mountain lion cross the road while driving through the Quabbin. And you will all the be some of the first to know. THANK YOU so much for having this website available for someone like me who is completely obsessed with mountain lions. I really enjoy reading all of your posts on here. It makes me feel like I am not the only one who loves these big amazing big cats.

Good night,


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