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Re(7): Milliron cancels raceway deal

I don't know what's going on. Mr. Milliron has not contacted me and I have a crew working at the track every day including today. May I point out that I have a lease on the property. From what I've been told a couple of Mansfield residents (one's a lawyer and the other drives a garbage truck) took exception to some comments I have made on my 'private' Facebook account over the last five years and are making quite an issue over them. Things like Jane Fonda should be hung for treason and the rioters and looters that have been destroying the country are nothing but baboons without tails. I stand by my comments and they weren't racial. I can't help it if some of these gangs that are punching old white people in the head and killing them are black.
We are going ahead with our plans and our valid lease.


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