Sighting of large catlike animal

I live in Boston, and on the evening of 7/31/15 was driving to Grantham NH on 89N. About 20 minutes before I exited off Exit 13 (I donít remember exactly where), I came out of a turn and had to apply my breaks quickly to avoid hitting a very large animal slinking from the meridian to the wooded side of Route 89N. This is around 7PM. The animal sauntered, and the sun was very bright, so I got a really good look.

First, I thought it was a bear because it was black, but it moved too gracefully, it didnít have a snout, and itís trunk and limbs were too thin to be a bear. It had a cat-like triangular head and a long torso with a sloping back. It was too thin to be a bear, but it was a sturdy animal, with powerful limbs and torso and a fair amount of fur. And it was big. From what I have read, it was much bigger than the typical bobcat by at least double. Of note, though, but I didnít notice a tail. It could have been draped between it's legs, or perhaps it was more of a lynx-like animal and didn't have one, I"m honestly not sure.

What I am sure is this: it was catlike, it was large (I'd guess 75-100lbs), and it was black. That is the best this City Slicker can do.


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