Re(6): Missing Sign Lets Say Goodbye to Mary and Lou

The Town Highway refused to undertake that project at Spafford Landing as it was out of their scope of know-how and they didn't have the equiptment. That information is very easy to check out. The Supervisor at the time recused himself from the project once the bids came in and the Board selected the lowest, and only, bid from Lake Country.This was a winter project and other companies were not interested in being at that location. Have you ever checked it out to see what was involved?
Not everyone wants to hang over the side of a culvert while installing walls, especially with the wind off Skaneateles Lake blowing daily.
So..your basically mad because you think the Board played favorites. Well, again you have your information from a source who isn't reliable.
Money was set aside for the purchase of a new truck at a later date..now the Town is bonded for a new truck as "she" has spent most of the money that was in the budget for 2014. She likes "her" money in the General Fund where most of the time she can get her hands on it.
Now why is the Town in the red? Lou never understood how business was done, and apparently still doesn't if he is the one feeding you this information.
He's fed so many people so much wrong information that maybe this time around it will catch up with him. Then again maybe not..some voters go for the liars every time.
The so called "wet lands" were tested and found not to be, again another misconception as "she" wants engineers involved so more money can be wasted. As far as her moving on, she continues to look to "previous administrations" to blame. Well, hopefully she'll soon have that title and I wonder how she'll feel then.
As a non town person, why would you care anyways? It sounds as if you have enough problems in your village/town and you really should address those before you start in up here. When you all did live here, I don't believe any of you were ever interested so why bother now? Probably because your brother is in the hot seat. He can't control his temper at the board meetings, he accosted two people outside on Town property after a meeting and he can't properly pronounce names of people he is trying to insult.
He didn't have any respect for anyone years ago and since he's moved back into Town he still doesn't.
Just because he was a Marine and a cop doesn't give him the right to insult and verbally abuse people.
Are you any better?


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