Re(4): NC State University News: A Cougar's Epic Journey East

So you are up to date Helen, the Rick Rosatte, with the Ontario ministry of natural resources, now estimates there are up to 800 cats living in the province. So you are right, they aren't saying there are 500 (I said several hundred), they say there are now 800. Yes, they include "unconfirmed sightings" to a point, from people with wildlife education. But the physical evidence is overwhelming up there. The problem is, Helen, that as soon as evidence comes forth, you "raise the bar" on what you deem suitable. Remember you stated on here firmly just last year that there had never been a female confirmed east of the Mississippi? Well that took less than a month to blow out of the water. They are there, and finally they managed DNA from one that was accidentally shot with an arrow. Helen, your theory that there has never been a female east of the Mississippi went out the window quite some years ago when a lactating female, and a kitten, were hit in Canada a few miles north of the New Hampshire border. Did the kitten wander from South Dakota too? Chris's statement about the fact that there isn't oodles of DNA evidence down here, since that one cat was detected in 3 places allegedly, is laughable. Clearly the three locations are a long distance apart. If it was that easy, there would be evidence in EVERY state. From a research standpoint, its clear he has no idea whats going on in New England.


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