Re(1): energy facts you should know

The excess world supply is making its way into the USA domestic oil production. So, imports are once again, like during the Clinton years, have climbed to a 4 year high at 9 million barrels.

So to me since us liberals don't understand " oil subsidies " and we use it to confuse and cr,eat hate for oil that doesn't help our country.

Since operating costs are higher in the USA . Perhaps it is time to give more tax incentives to some of the 6000 oil producers. This will make our oil more competitive with imports and help get debt control of past oil production activities .

Cut tax deductions to make a wish. If you love and want to help kids then give for the love of it and not the almighty buck. Are we that poor we need a tax brack to help another human being?

For the next few years it would be wise to keep production adequate considering the problems in the Middle East and other places.

Remember you can't make a 5 MW windmill without oil etc...

Or is it the hate that stops us from thinking it through.

Russia has added 500,000 barrels to the. World market along with Nigeria and Libya.

So us SUV driving liberals with " no fracking bumper stickers, " may want to wise up.


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