Democrats love PUTIN

Us superior liberals are bravely protesting this Monday at Katkoís office to stop the idea of increasing oil production in Alaska ( ANWR 1002 Area) from 450 thousand barrels a day to approx 1.2 million barrels a day. Remember in 1988 the north slop did 2m/bd. So if you buy a car today it will be using gas for ten years. ( will the Mid East be more or less stable ) So would you not want to plan for the fuel for all the 17 million cars and jobs Hillary and Obama bragged about saving and now they want to minimize the future fuel platforms?Why would she want to sell cars yet not the batteries to move them. I mean ď gas . You get it. So......if we increase domestic production with progressive platforms, we wonít need to CONTINUE IMPORTING approx half a million barrels a day, the approx same amount that could be generated in ANWR, from RUSSIA and PUTIN. So if you hate the Russians for all they done then write and call your representative and tell them this story. Start the conversation. Or do we really donít care for our country.... like isis. We are killing our own country. That new car you bought will need gas till 2029. Where do you want to get it from? Come to the next Spafford democratic meeting and we can start this conversation and then bring it to the main OCDC people. Letís see what happens in UNDERCOVER VOTER.


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