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Regulating Semi-Automatic Weapons

Last night I happened to watch a segment of a show on the AHC Channel entitled: "Weaponology; The Green Berets". (Unfortunately, I was unable to record the segment for re-play).

The segment that I watched showed a Green Beret soldier demonstrating the capabilities of the latest semi-automatic weapon being used by the Green Berets--rapid fire, high capacity, no overheating, etc.etc..
The segment concluded that the highly capable semi-automatic weapon is the ideal weapon to be used in support of the Green Berets' high intensity combat activity--an ideal weapon of war.

Watching this segment convinced me more than ever of the necessity of doing something to control the use of semi-automatic weapons by private individuals.
If banning the sale of such semi-automatic weapons to individuals is too difficult to implement, then, at a minimum, the sale of such weapons should be highly regulated--as is the case with machine guns.
There are no claims of Second Amendment infringements regarding regulating the manufacture and sale of machine guns , and, let's face it, these latest semi-automatic weapons come very close to being machine guns.


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