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Re(1): Naval Academy alumni board member resigns after accidentally broadcasting racial slurs

What ever happened to "Free Speech. " I understan many years ago it was limited by a Supreme Court Justice as free speech does not allow someone to yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater.

"black lives matter" was it free speech which apparently generated rioting looting arson ,

Wonder how everything can be defused.: People Stop committing felonies and resisting arrest because of the felony, and police stop misusing their powers of apprehesion and contriol their fear of felons armed and a particular race take resposibility for some minorities abusing our laws and blaming another race and their history.

We in the age of quick video of repetivtee abuses by the media. That gets me thinking about the 60s' when ''The Media is The message"was a prime discussion in grad school.


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