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Re(4): Mid'n Cruise, June or July 1951

I was lucky youngster cruise to ride the Mighty MO. I remember the storm in the N. Atlantic quite well. There was a Firsty with a bunk directly below the port hole. We were on the portside inboard the lifeboat. We asked the Firsty to close the port 'cause it was getting damned cold but he knew better and left it open. Then a mighty wave took out the life boat and entered our compartment through that open hole. Firsty got the bath of his life and the rest of us scrambled trying to find our floating shoes.
Oslo was a great liberty port - nice friendly people. Cherbourg was still a mess from the war but interesting in its way. Ah yes, the memories of youth.
First Class to Rio and a sore butt. Got even later on two "Tin cans" Mullany DD528 in '57 and Anderson DD786 in 58 on trips to Australia and Tasmania. Grreat fun.


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