Full list of features

* - Optional features that can be turned on or off.

Assign Moderators *

The long awaited, moderator feature is here. You can assign multiple moderators to help moderate your message board!

Emoticons *

You can use emoticons on your message board... :) turns into happy emoticon. View full list here!

B2G Code *

Don't feel safe allowing HTML on your boards? Use B2G code!

Image/Clipart Search Engine

In partnership with gograph.com, we are able to bring you a database of 50,000 images ! All for the cost of FREE!

Post as Admin

You can have your name be a different color than the normal folk so they know you are an admin. No one can impersonate you this way :).

Bold Main Topic

You can make the main topic of a thread appear in bold (so it is easy to find).

Edit Posts *

Your users will have the option to set a password for their posts. If they want to edit their post after they post it, they can just go to their message, click "Edit Post" and edit their post !

Flood Control *

Tired of those jerks flooding your board with useless nonsense ? Well now you can protect your board by turning on this feature. What this does is records the IP number of the people who post messages, and it won't let them post another message until a full minute later. So if someone wants to leave 60 spam messages, it will take them an hour :).

View/Delete Registered Users *

This is a feature that should have been here from the beginning. All it allows you to do is delete and view your registered users. Now if someone forgets their password, you can give it to them.

Email Fowarding New Posts *

Everytime someone posts a new message on your message board, you can have it so it is emailed to you !

Choose Your Date Format *

Live outside the USA where your date is displayed DD/MM/YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY ? This feature now enables your to choose from three (3) different formats.

Thread Spacers *

A Horizontal Rule ( <HR> ) Or white space will be placed between threads when this feature is turned on. It makes reading the message boards alot easier !

Email Notification *

When a user posts a message, they will have the option of having an email sent to them whenever someone replies to their post!

Use of .css File *

You can use .css files on your message board making it easy for you to change fonts color, decoration, and weight !

Time Zone & Style *

You are now able to select the time zone of your message board. And you can change the Time Style from "Military" to "Regular".

Instant Upgrades

We will add new features from time to time and your account will be upgraded without you having to do anything! These updates will be announced via email.

Searchable Board *

Allow your users to have easy access to the information they need by letting them search your message board. Users can use this to search for the newest posts!

Ban Users *

You can ban users who abuse the Message Boards with ease. You can ban one individual IP or ban a range of IP addresses.

Over 2000 Posts

Your message boards can hold more than 2000 posts. When the limit is reached the oldest pages will be removed automatically.

Highlight New Posts *

The dates and time on the newest posts can be highlighted in a color you choose for fast access.

Bad Word Filtering *

Do you own a rated G site and don't want anyone to use foul language? Enable this option and all the bad words will be filtered out to "!#$@".

Optional Images *

Your users can choose to leave a URL for an image they please, which is displayed with their posts.

Optional Links *

Your users can choose to leave a URL, this will be displayed along with their post. (It acts as a "signature")

Fully Customizable

Our message boards allow you to fully customize it. You can customize font colors and sizes as well as background images so you can integrate the message board into your site.

HTML is allowed*

If you wish, you can have users use HTML code in their posts.

Password Protect*

Don't want strangers to access your message board? Password protect it!

IP addresses displayed on posts*

You can choose to have the IP of the person who posted the message to display at the top of their message! (Useful for banning purposes)

Easy Administration

The administrative section on your message board is as simple as can get. Most everything is self-explanitory!

Password Protect*

Don't want strangers to access your message board? Password protect it!

Register Your Users*

You can have it so that users have to register before they can post a message. Everytime they post a message they will be prompted for their username and password. (This prevents people from imitating a user.)