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Got One

The have called me: Trial 196721 but the other Trials called me Trial 19
They Said I am A: Adult
It Was Stated I am: Female
How I see Myself In The mirror: I have seen myself few times after I escaped, or really rescued. I am or was a manned wolf. Long legged and gangly, they stole me from my home when I was two years old. I am now four years old. My once ginger coat is now the color of blood because of chemicals and it not seeing the sunlight in so long, my long legs are no longer black; they are a faded black-grey from bleach and other chemicals. My perfect mane is too faded grey-black and my tail that was tipped with white is now tipped with greyish white. Scars cover my body, results from their cruel trails. My paws feel like rocks and are quit big now. My fur is matted and tangled and dirty. My maw is crooked, giving me a under bite.One of my chocalte eyes is blind, a result gone wrong. My voice comes out strange, from not talking to others and because the fact I am from Brazil and I speak Spanish, though I have learned how to speak English. My lean bodice is clearly seen under my malnourished pelt. All I have left from my front right leg is a stump. From the knee down is gone, but from the knee up is stump.
How I Learned To Be: I am a cold, cruel wolf who comes through a cold cruel past. Isolated from the world I became viscous and cruel. My heart turned cold and I don't act normal. I'm a freak and that's all I will ever be. I do not know how to interact with other animals right.

The Story Of My Life: When I was a mere teen, living with my family, some humans came to our pack. I watched them capture my family one by one. They all went into a big monster looking thing called a truck, except for me. They grabbed my scruff and violently threw me into a cold dark cave looking thing called a cage. Metal bars trapped me in as I rammed them trying to escape. The drive was long, cold, lonely, and shaky. The humans grabbed my cage and chucked me into a noisy room with many different species of wolf. Cruel people gathered in the room, many exchanging green things for a animal. I soon found my self being lifted by my scruff into the arms of a weird smelling man. My then amber eyes filled with horror as I squirmed attempting to escape his cold grasp. He only hit me making me cry in pain then threw me back into my cage. I crawled to the back cowering as I felt the cage being lifted again. I then took another drive in a smaller car but this one smelled of blood and weird kinda chemicals. It seemed like a life time before it stopped and I was brought into a cold dark room. I was taken out, my pads freezing from the cold metal table they had put me on. I tried to run but was beat for every attempt. More people all wearing white coats stained with blood came in and began poking and prodding me with many different things. I cried but before long they again grabbed me this time throwing me into a big dark room. Only this time I wasn't so alone. Out of the shadows stalked 4 older mutated wolves. I coward to the corner as they violently played with me. Many days passed as I grew accustom of the way I was now living. The people would come and take one of us away making us sleep and having us wake up missing something or with stitches. They poured chemicals on me burning me and causing my fur and eyes to change. And over time went my personality. They called me Trial 196721 and nothing more. I over time forgot my original name and knew myself by that number. The other wolves called me Trial 19 and over time I became the leader of that group of freaks. The humans fed us slop. My stomach used to hate the stuff making me throw up every bit I ate, but over time I could eat it just like the others. One day we Trials broke out of our cages. We did it at the dead of night while the ‘labs’ were asleep. We ran farther and farther away, we weren’t out of the building when the alarm sounded. ‘Labs’ flooded the hallways as they struggled to get us. Finally we broke into the world. People were waiting for us. They had cages and slowly we were herded into them. I watched as the ‘Labs’ were driven away from the building that held us. We were each placed somewhere different and I was placed her.


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