-- no we ain't ever getting older - " />
-- no we ain't ever getting older

Ithiel was trying not to form too much of an opinion about the politics and the shuffling that had recently gone on within the castle, because it honestly was not Ithiel's place to do so. That was something that Ithy was keeping out of as much as possible. There had been so many things being said on the matter, and the rumors abounded. The fact that some of them were considered treason made Ithiel not wish to get dragged into any of the conversations about it. How would Ithiel know what was right and what wasn't in this matter? There was probably something to the whole 'possession is nine-tenths of the law' issue, and right now Mordred had the castle and was king. Right and wrong didn't really mean much with that being the case, and Ithiel was not going to risk being punished for looking at it any other way.

Of course none of that was at the forefront of Ithiel's mind while They were dealing with this whole quest situation and the stakes of it. So much felt like it was on the line, and if this was messed up, then so might the possibility of seeing Their twin again. Like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it was making Ithiel feel very pressured. Which was such an odd thing, considering how Ithiel usually lived, what Ithy was used to doing. But this was different in the aspects of how it was done. Yes, Ithiel knew how to be tempting, but They had never gone after anyone who did not specifically want to be gone after. Ithiel didn't even know what it was like to want to go after someone. That sort of thing had never come up before. It wasn't something Ithiel had ever felt in regards to someone else.

Ithiel knew how to be a sure thing and how to deal with a sure thing, but anything else was a little strange to deal with. It seemed off to Ithiel, even. But Ithy couldn't turn back now, not without giving it a real try. If it had been for anything except Their brother, then Ithiel wouldn't have gone this far. There just wasn't any knowing how far Ithiel would be willing to go, and it all made Ithiel feel uneasy, though They would not let that show. Oddly enough, Ithiel was calmed some by the sight of the equine with Caldera. Or at least, that was what Ithiel saw the creature as. Certainly looked like a horse to Ithiel, and with the fact that Ithiel had once lived as a horse, being around one now was a little more soothing than was expected for the situation at hand. Still, this was a good thing.

She was certainly giving Ithy and look, and Ithiel was hopeful about that fact. Was it wrong to feel that way about something like this? Ithiel wasn't exactly sure, but They were curious about the red eyes, the differences -- was that a tail? -- what it meant to be from Xara. And oh, Caldera was smiling at Ithy now. That was a good sign. Starting with the basics seemed like the best way to proceed with this. Or just put it out there and go from there, see how it went if Ithy was out with it. "Hello, I'm Ithiel." The greeting was given to both Caldera and Buddy, because Ithiel couldn't help but treat equines as equal upon first contact, considering Ithy's past. Yet Ithiel's gaze was all for Caldera in the next moment. "I hope you don't mind me being forward, but I'm very interested." And Ithiel gave Caldera a slow, sultry look to make the message clear.

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