At one point in time, Misty Mountain stood opposite of Rainbow Cliff, and these rose to the sky as the only peaks in Blossom Forest. Since the magical change of the land, an entire chain of peaks rose from the bowels of the earth to become the Culter Unlaeddod - the Teeth of the Gods. Misty Mountain is still of the peaks, but many others exist as well. They run from north to south, from east to west. Atop some of the peaks, snow covers them year round, making the paths slippery and hazardous. Others are lower in altitude and are extremely humid, covered in thick, dense forests with mists swirling between each of the trunks. Others still are bare - naked boulders rising and falling haphazardly.

These chains of peaks do connect many of the packs, and they hold many things to explore - forbidden forests, deep and mysterious caves, beautiful scenic cliffs. However, one must have care - if you fall, it is a long, long, long way down...

Due to the varying terrains, many prey options are available. For those scared of injury, you may find ptarmigans, ravens, crows, squirrels, dormice, or rabbits. The adults hunting alone can find mountain goats... but for those hunting in a pack, there are elk, moose, and Bighorn Sheep.


Way of the Warrior

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Warriors are not born and they are not made,
Warriors create themselves

The conflict going on within him was... complicated. He wanted to find his soulmate - he still held the desire he always had - to not be alone. Once he had thought that had meant having a family, but Aindreas had found out the hard way that mating with someone and having pups did not necessarily mean that he would have a family. The fae he had mated with had taken his virginity, but not his heart, and he had soon found out after that first night that she had not had a heart of her own. She was dark and cruel and manipulative - he had mistaken her for an ess he had actually once been in love with, and she had played into his hand, pretending to be her. But then on top of that she had the gall to say she did not even want the pups; that they would be the ruin of her. That had not stopped her from taking Drizzt with her when she left Aindreas, though. How swiftly everything had fallen apart after that... perhaps it had been for the best that Aindreas had left with her, given everything that had happened...

But to digress he wanted to find his Soulmate - he wanted to not be alone. He wanted to be happy and content, and though he knew now that a mate would not fill that void for him, perhaps a Soulmate would. At the same time, he dreaded finding his Soulmate. He had been so completely and utterly sure of his love for Stormy, but after his change, that too had changed. And finding his Soulmate now would mean that he truly would never be able to be with Stormy.. Perhaps it was a fluke, perhaps it had been too soon after his change and he missed the sign, whatever the sign was, perhaps -

Of course he heard the varg approaching him, of course he tasted her perfume. She was not the quietest wolf ever and her pawsteps resounded audibly against the bouldered wall that he was leaning up upon. The slightest of reverberations trembled the nerves of his sensitive paws as the sound bounced off of the sheer wall. Aindreas had assumed that she would swerve around him - after all, he was clearly having a moment of his own. Aindreas had never before been a social wolf, but at least he was usually polite - in this instance however he was ignoring that world around him. And that was when she banged into him. Her head collided with his right flank and set his balance off. Immediately Aindreas' shades snapped open and his front limbs scrambled against the rock and pushed against it hard to prevent himself from falling atop of her. His right hind limb was in the air and as if in slow motion, he could feel himself falling, but at least he would not crush her. She took a singular step back and it was just far enough so his claws wouldn't graze her on the way down. With an audible thump, he landed on the earth on is back, his vulnerable underside exposed.


Aindreas coughed and tightened his abdominals in order to roll from his back to the right toward the ess. He glanced up at her and shook his head. "It's... fine" Slowly he rose to his paws, and once he was fully erected, he shook his pelt out, a gentle shower of gravel and dusting falling from his ivory pelt in a thin cloud. "I did not mean to scare you. I mean... you walked into me I guess... but I could have moved. I just didn't think... you would..." After straightening his hairs while mumbling to himself he looked back up at her and saw her peering about, looking for an exit. How similar they were - so awkward, so bad at talking to other vargs. but his glowing blue pools were pulled by movement past her, past her to another wolf who was approaching. His muscles tightened and his diaphragm froze - so this was it. His heart froze a beat before beginning to beat rapidly and suddenly he could feel her nearness, he could sense her though he did not even know her. Aindreas swallowed but his maw had gone dry and so instead he ended up coughing again, unable to finish swallowing. He forced his gaze back to the first femme. "You don't have to... leave I'm not mad. I'm Aindreas." Aindreas shook, suddenly terrified as to how he was supposed to act, what he was supposed to say to her, to the ess who even now was bounding toward the pair of them.

'What exactly are you trying to do?'

She spoke to him! Aindreas grinned at her like an idiot, then frowned and shook his head, looking away from this second mottled fae. Under his shaded lids, he peered up at her briefly, his roughened vocals responding gruffly to her question. "I was... um... centering myself." Aindreas shot his head up as his mind chastised itself for acting so odd around her. But that action itself had been odd too, so Aindreas instead found himself mimicking the first ess by pinning his auds against his cranium in embarrassment. "I'm Aindreas." He glanced from the new fae to the first. "I'm sorry... you already knew that. But... by the gods. 'M bad at interacting with others but not usually this back." His arctics flickered between the two. "I'm Aindreas, the Alpha of Dierne Hrof. And you two are...?"

Through trial and error, pain and suffering,
And their ability to conquer their own faults

Aindreas || Ivoro || Dierne Hrof Alpha || Lonely Heart || Sin, Pandora, Famous, Psycho, Drizzt ||


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