Glaesfaet Sceawere is the name gifted to the mother river that flows through the center of Blossom Forest, bringing life and sustenance to all of the lands. It breaks off in many places, giving birth to smaller streams and estuaries, but the main body flows from the lake high in the north in Dierne Hrof all the way south down through Uyaraut to empty into the ocean. It is a fresh water river, but down through Uyaraut, the salt water does taint it. In places, parts of the river are underground and run through caverns unseen from aboveground.

Water buffalo grace these shores - with plenty of meat, though at a dangerous cost. Many river trout leap upstream daily.


even though i am shrouded in darkness

A Promise Was Made

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Drizzt had had so many questions, had so many confusing thoughts and notions about it all. After all, never before had the young varg ever thought that magic was real - not when he was a pup, not now. He had been a logical thinker and a realistic thinker. But now? Now he did not know what he believed, or what he would soon come to believe in. But at least his aunt seemed to be as in the dark as he was - it wasn't as if there was some grand scheme that he was missing or was unaware of. She did at least have some answers for all of the questions that he asked - she told him tales of ancient stories - myths, and legends. Of the original magic of this land, and of his own ancestry. If it had been told to him before he had had his own miraculous change he would not have believed it for truth, but instead imagined it to be just a story. A parable, meant to teach caution against the evils of the world. But he could not deny the existence of magic in this world, not any more. "The voices did indeed talk about vampires - about how with our ascendency to Tempests, so too will rise the darkness that is the vampires."

Drizzt paused, letting her continue - giving her thoughts about what, or rather who the voices were. Drizzt had thought them to be angels, but she thought they were spirits, souls of the past Tempests come to guide them. Neither of them could prove their idea, and in truth it did not much matter. All that mattered was the truth, and whether or not the words spoken to him actually was the truth. Could they believe what the voices said? Part of him believed it - most of him in fact. Something about the voices, the language, made him want and need to trust them. He did not know why, he could not understand it. But in Drizzt's mind, their words were truth. And, unfortunately, that meant there would be very dark days ahead, not just for him and his family, but for all of Blossom Forest.

Their subject changed then, to their eye color. It matched now, between the two, and Adara spoke the thoughts that Drizzt had been thinking - it had to do with them being a Tempest. It had all made sense and yet none of it had made sense. But it was true. And all that Drizzt knew was that in order to be of any use to anyone, he needed to learn how to fight. He needed to learn how to defend himself, and in order to learn that, he needed a teacher. He wondered if his aunt had the same level of skill that his father or his grandfather had, but according to Adara, she was not even close to an expert. She offered to teach him the basics, though. To teach him all that she knew. More than that, Adara offered to make it work, no matter where Drizzt was staying, be it here in Caidir Olc or elsewhere. If he ended up leaving - or rather, if Motionless ended up throwing him out - then he was welcome to stay with her. But it seemed that a lot rode on the Alphess - how she would take his transformation... and everything else. The two parted ways and he was loathe to watch his Aunt leave - it was rare indeed for him to have any time with family, but he felt better knowing he would see her again soon. Briefly, he wondered why she was not part of a pack, but the thought was fleeting as he heard Motionless' call for him, and he turned to leave himself.


The talk with Motionless had gone surprisingly well, though it had resulted in a much different outcome than what Drizzt had been expecting. He had not been expecting a rank, let alone Beta. He was very young, a green adult who had very little experience of actually being involved in a pack. But she had offered it to him nonetheless, and he had accepted. Though she had outlined his duties for him, he still was basically at a loss as to what he was supposed to do. But now it was time to search out his Aunt - she had found him in Caidir Olc before, and now it was his time to find her. It had taken a few days to track her down - after the change of the lands had happened everything seemed to have expanded, and the distances between everywhere had lengthened, but at long last he had found her at the edge of a part of the river that coursed strongly through the entirety of the land. Her back was turned to him and he walked firmly so that she would hear his approach. "Hello, again, Auntie. I told you I would find you."

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||Drizzt|| ||Belongs to the Sun|| ||Caidir Olc Beta|| ||Adult||


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