Glaesfaet Sceawere is the name gifted to the mother river that flows through the center of Blossom Forest, bringing life and sustenance to all of the lands. It breaks off in many places, giving birth to smaller streams and estuaries, but the main body flows from the lake high in the north in Dierne Hrof all the way south down through Uyaraut to empty into the ocean. It is a fresh water river, but down through Uyaraut, the salt water does taint it. In places, parts of the river are underground and run through caverns unseen from aboveground.

Water buffalo grace these shores - with plenty of meat, though at a dangerous cost. Many river trout leap upstream daily.


SomewhereOverThe Rainbow [Noctis, Losa, Rainbows, Tempests]

 photo Zawyne2.png

She had quickly defused the situation that had nearly occurred between her sister and Aindreas. Not that she thought that the tempest would have ever laid so much as a single claw upon Losa - no, she had been worried about her sister attacking the Tempest. That would've been quickly dangerous for all involved though. Everyone knew that a tempest touching a rainbow was strictly forbidden, and for good reason. It put them at risk of severing their connection with their soulmate, either temporarily or permanently, and if the latter they could turn into a vampire. So although they would have been protected from him due to the bright sun overhead, it wasn't something that the little princess would have looked forward to. Besides, Aindreas seemed very nice and so far had done nothing but offered to help and protect them. She didn’t want him to turn... Zawyne understood her sister’s point of view - after all, it had been one of their own tempests who had been the one to turn against them. But that was different - Duma had been duelly bonded to Losa, he just cared too much for her. But everything that had happened after that? It was all because of Zawyne, but perhaps because of that, she could understand where he was coming from. She did not condone his acts, but she understood his mind. How could she not - she had spent nearly every day since she was born with him. Duma had always desperately loved Losa, and with his sick mind the way it was, he was doing whatever it took to keep her safe and with him forever. Only, he had gone to the extremes and had had a psychotic break since Losa had turned down his proposal. Zawyne had to wonder, of course she had to wonder, how things would have turned out if her sister had not turned it down his proposal, if she had fallen for Duma instead of for Hurricane. But there was no going back now. What was done was done, and those who died could not be resurrected, no matter how dearly Zawyne missed them.

Losa had begun by muttering Impolite words about the tempest into Zawyne’s coat, and the little princess nearly sugar head and left, ignoring that comment. But what she could not ignore was the fact that her sister and this tempest were not only bonded, but apparently knew each other. Zawyne could not understand how that was possible. Aindreas had claimed that he did not know Duma, that he did not know them… And yet he knew her sister’s name and she knew his. Yet neither of them seem to be able to figure out how they knew each other. Both rainbow and tempest began to freak out, but the little princess just smiled and shook her head again. “Don’t you two see? It is fate that brought us together and we are all meant to help each other! So they have to come with us, don’t they sis?” As if on cue, or as if the two sisters shared one mind, Losa agreed and enlisted the two brutes to help them in their quest to seek out the other rainbows. For some reason, Losa still did not trust either of them, but at least it was a start.

The shimmering sunset that was painted up on Zawyne’s coat moved, as if a gust of wind had suddenly pushed the painted clouds around as she stood and shook out her pelt. Her sister had said that they would go and search out the other lost rainbows, but with all of the confusion and everything they had wasted so much time already! The anxiety over what had become of the lost Arcus Irae was making little Zawyne nervous, especially since it was her job to ensure the future of their race. Not just that they continue to exist, but that they continue to exist well - that they continue to embody the very reason that they had been created. After all, she had been named as the next Lorer, and thus had been studying all of their traditions and their mythology since her ears had unblocked and given to her the gift of hearing. If she could not find the ones that she has saved and lead to safety… Then she had not really let them to safety, now had she?

Once again she shook, completely ignorant of the way she became entrancing as she shook out her hair. That was the way of the rainbows, or at least the way they were supposed to be. Caring, giving. Sometimes they were cherished as works of art, such that they were kept nearly as property by another Noble. Of course a royal rainbow would never be kept as property, and of course they were never miss treated… But still they were often self-sacrificing, thinking nothing of themselves and only of others. That's what she was doing now. Her sister and her were in the care of of two nice gentleman - one of them even an Oferweder! - and she did not want to waste any more time. Of course, she had not stopped to think about How large this place was, or how long it could take to find the others. All she knew was that she was sick of waiting. All that there was left to do before they started off on their quest was for the two brutes to agree to accompany them. Zawyne moved to Aindreas’ side, and nudged a rock toward him hard enough to catch his attention, but definitely not hard enough to even leave a bruise. "Ofer Aindreas, I understand that you are the Tempest of my sister and that she has not been overly gracious of your help so far. But we do in fact need your help! We may have found a tempest to protect us - well I don’t have a guardian yet but still - the other Arcus Irae may not have. The quicker we can take tally of everyone the better… And perhaps maybe you will bond with some of them too. So… I'm leaving and Losa is leaving. You can either come with me or you can be a big old poop and stay here. I’ll be going down the river always until it reaches… Wherever it reaches. And that's final." Her face was stern, or at least it was meant to appear so. Instead, she looked adorable with her crown of flowers upon her head nearly wilted. Aindreas couldn't help but smile, and had to fight the urge to cuddle the pup as if she was his own. His weight shifting forward, and he got to his paws and followed suit, shaking out the small bits of gravel that had lodge themselves between his hairs. Silently, he gestured. He would go where she led, but a part of his mind would be always be focused upon Losa. He had a feeling that even when she was not at his side, he would be able to sense her emotions and sense where she was. That gave him a measure of comfort, and made him more comfortable in case they were separated. Or rather, when they were separated. He could not force her to join his pack, so there would definitely be times when they were apart. He did not know that where they came from, Losa was never left alone… And even if he did, he would likely do it anyway. She was an individual after all, had her own life to live.

Zawyne nodded firmly and turned to Noctis. "What about you mister? Are you going to help me just like you said you would? " She paused for a moment to listen to his response, and then with a smile began to pound down the shore of the river, each leap made as if she was popcorn exploding off of the floor. She had never had any doubt that he would help her-he had been so kind from the beginning. But now they were finally on their way! All of her pent up energy was now showing, and Aindreas followed at a steady but slow trot behind her. The whole way, the princess let loose her call to the others, a whining croon made in her high pitched soprano, hoping that the walls of the canyon would carry her call to any others near by.

||Zawyne|| ||Heart of Gold|| ||Lost Princess of a Stolen Kingdom|| ||Here I am a commoner|| ||No stats when Young|| ||Pup||


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