been out in the night.

Well, at least someone thought this was a laugh. Cal smiled weakly, recognising that if the roles had been reversed, she’d be rolling on the floor in hysterics by now. Lorraine wasn’t one of the prime gods of the Volcano, but her penchant for cleanliness was well-known even there. She’d probably be horrified to learn that farmer-turned-cop-turned-guard with numerous messy hobbies had taken over her body.

At least it was only temporary. Some of the tension left her shoulders when Danny said that and she felt herself exhale a little breath of air she hadn’t realised she’d been holding in. Thank Rhaegar, she wasn’t going to be stuck as Lorraine forever.

“Buddy totally bailed on me.” She grumbled. “He said he was going to go and try and find me but then he didn’t come back. I need to find him and kick him.”

Flynn and Danny had now both recognised Cal but Buddy hadn’t. Useless aja.

“C’mon, help me find him.” She nudged Danny’s arm and started walking, slipping her hands into her pockets. “So, what did you do when you were Tsi?” She asked, smirking a little. “Anything crazy? Read a hundred books in an hour?”



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