i don't wanna die {morgana!}

[ooc] Did a bit of a timeskip/timeline switchup, hope that's okay! ^.^ [/ooc]

Bohdi gave a jaw-popping yawn as she made her way through the twisting halls of the castle in search of the rooms Morgana had described to her at their meeting earlier that day; the lady hadn't had time to assist her in calling the Reaper then, but had seemed intrigued by her request and had asked that Bohdi return later in the evening when she had more time to herself. Though she'd felt a bit disappointed at being unable to find her ren - or this "Aura" person whom would help her, apparently - she hadn't minded too much about being asked to come back later, after all, it had given her time to raid the dining hall. She was now quite full and happy, and had even made a few contacts within the castle guards. She didn't think such a job would ever keep her interested for long, and truthfully doubted she would take kindly to being ordered about by higher-ups (she'd had enough of that for a lifetime), but new friends never went amiss.

Osulf trailed after her anxiously, heaving the occasional sigh. He'd asked her several times if she was sure she was allowed here and what exactly Morgana had said; she'd reminded him several times that he'd been there, but Osulf's anxiety was still quite palpable through their bond. Bohdi rolled her eyes. It wasn't as if they were going to get guillotined just for talking to her! The new king, Mordiewhatsit, didn't seem like a bad sort, but truthfully Bo didn't much care about politics. They could have put a three-headed alien on the throne and her most pressing question would have been "but you're still going to be serving those delicious scones in the dining hall, right?!". Bo rolled her shoulders and sighed. Zed and Rana seemed concerned about it all, but Bo figured their concern was more about the missing god Zed had put posters up about, Sti or something like that. Personally Bo just thought he was off having fun, council meetings sounding booooring. A sudden flare of heartburn made her pause, running her hand over her chest as if to soothe the burning. It seemed like it showed up whenever she thought about this Sti person, especially when she was thinking something less-than-nice. Or maybe it was just because she was expecting again. Blue, now bearing the appearance of a twelve-year-old despite his twin still being a babe, had rolled his eyes and stomped his feet and thrown his hands up in the air when she'd explained what Danny had told her. It wasn't her fault, though, no matter what anyone said. After all, she hadn't even had a mate since their father all those many months ago, so...

Her train of thought promptly derailed as she found the door she'd been told to look for, drawing to a stop before it and giving it a cheery knock. Osulf was taking deep, steadying breaths at her feet, anxiously awaiting the lady's appearance.

blood is getting hotter, body's getting colder
i don't wanna die, so you're gonna have to


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