Re(3): Wheres the help when you need it???

WOW!! First of all i didnt get attitude from anyone, but you Debbie. I dont know what your problem is. The only way i wouldnt help with the breakfasts is if we got bad weather. Its alot longer drive for me then for you. As for you saying you did all the work, come on and get real! If you got attitude it was because you stood at counter barking orders to everyone. We knew our job and how to do it. I may not have been there to help set up but i sure stayed afterwards to do cleanup and work the whole thing. I didnt know it was up to Rose to decide if to have them or not. If Rose decided not to have them its becasue you said you would not help this year and if the weather were bad i wouldnt be able to make it. There are other Aux members who could be there to work but dont seem to want to. Stop putting everything on everyone else and take responsibility for your own actions.


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