Re(5): Granby Photos

So thrilled to finally be able to see the great pics!I first viewed them from my phone and seemed to be able to see even more detail.It almost appears to me to have very tiny tufts. I was immediately struck by how "fuzzy,furry and fluffy"it appeared. I assume it's coat is thicker for the winter but it still didn't look like the typical cougar coat of any adult Mountain lions I have seen in captivity or pics. I know juveniles of most species have fuller coats than the adults.I also spotted it's very large paws and thick fluffy legs.I recalled reading up on Canadian Lynxs and it often mentioned how furry their coat was along with how long their front legs were.It's face appears to me to be Mountain Lion though. My very unprofessional opinion is that we have some type of a crossbreed and I am leaning toward M.L./Lynx.But as I said - what do I know! Oh,and BTW - when viewed from my phone I noticed that there were areas around it's mouth and on it's, if I recall correctly, left - our right side looking at it - front leg that looked rust colored.After much thought I suspect perhaps it was blood from it's last meal.What ever this is - it is strikingly beautiful! Thanks for capturing the great pics,Mike!


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