Re(2): NC State University News: A Cougar's Epic Journey East

We have already posted about this topic. The story about this alleged trek is at best a good theory. Might want to explain why both New York and Minnesota both said AFTER the CT cat was hit that they had no evidence. You also ignore the other confirmations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and the confirmations in southern Quebec and Ontario. The Canadian wildlife estimates there are several hundred cats there. And their DNA also shows the South Dakota traits. Gee isn't it a better theory the cats could originate from there, 150 miles from Southern New England? All this "verifiable evidence" suddenly surfaced after the state agencies denied having any. It surfaced conveniently to try to explain a single cat that was a major embarrassment to the state and federal agencies. Michigan proved they indeed can be right under everyones nose and nobody knows. It took what a decade of heavy game cam deployment to finally catch one. Thereafter a couple dozen confirmations were made. Where were these cats? Right under everyones nose. There has been decades of class 2 evidence in Southern New England. Even a book written in the 1950s about cougars in Massachusetts. So you can continue to deny, but with the numbers increasing in Canada, its just a matter of time before you will be scraping egg off of your face.


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