Re(1): The elite are back

I don't understand why this debate even persists. Its silly, really. Whoever this Helen chick is, and this guy Chris and however high and mighty they surely must feel about themselves in order to dismiss the evidence brought forth over the years by countless creditable witness testimony. But, Whatever conclusions they have come to in regards to the existence or non existence of a breeding population of eastern mountain lions is nothing more than their foolish opinion, whether brought upon by obstinance or ignorance. There are plenty of intelligent people, no less educated than these two nut jobs. There are people who are just telling their stories, nothing more, nothing less. There are countless qualified and credible people who are simply telling their accounts of what they saw...not trying to sell anyone on anything. Not publishing books and making money off them, ..people with no hidden agendas!! they are JUST simply recounting their (TRUE) stories...stories that offer ZERO incentive to falsify. Clear accounts with crystal clear descriptions that offer no reason for doubt. There are hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and ordinary people alike who have knowledge about animals, their behaviors, their markings, distinctive features, etc...and they KNOW what they saw! Nothing can change that reality, ...not Helen, not Chris or anyone else. So their opinion really doesn't hold an ounce of weight anyways... I don't care what titles they hold, what certificates they possess, how many years they spent in a classroom or in the middle of the freakin' woods, their "knowledge" or opinion does not have the power to supersede or refute the truth.


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