energy facts you should know

DEAR COLLEEN DEACON and town democratic chair people. Thanks for making us turn off our camera when we asked energy questions.

Then... Why didnt you want to meet with us.
Glad you lost. you are hypocrites worse than me.

Here is some news you should have if you want to be an energy expert.

1. CHINA, Beijing to BEEF UP its coal capacity. I thought the USA was the only bad person in this game.

2 went to Palace Theatre for Colleen Deacons fundraiser. Asked Mark English, the lawyer who is chair of the Dem Party here in ONON energy questions since he hates oil so much.
Did you see all the big, high co2 maintenance vehicles, SUVs Subarus, etc., I thought us liberals cares for the earth... its okay. I dont care what you drive just support domestic oil production and not imports. we need 18 million barrels a day.... we still import net 7. so why not support domestic production and the USA?

3 The Lieu. Deputy of new york was there. Asked her my question of...the world produces 88 million barrels a day. How much does exxon, since we are engineered to hate big oil as we drive our kids to soccer practice, produce out of that 88. She said 86 and others said 30 to 40 million. The answer is 2.....Yet these are the people making energy policy?

Did you read Joe's Blog. If oil sells for 50 and the Saudis need 85 per barrels, how long until this budget deficit hits their economy?
will this cause internal problems?
SAUDI KING APPOINTS NEW FINANCE MINISTER so as to cut pay so as to help balance the budget.

4. TOTAL a France oil producer, and IRAN sign gas deal. China has helped build pipelines for many countries in that area.

5. CHINA PETRO out produces EXXON 5years ago. 2.4 to 2.1. So lets hate Exxon and not work with them. Get involved. dont divest from a company that makes specialized fluids for windmills and alternative energy... etc...

6. Why would any one want to see EXXON cut capital investments 45% due to low oil prices. Why not work with them... Sierra Club members who drive SUVs? Dont talk to me about climate change as a good reason.

LOOK and read. the world now does 52 billion tones of co2 per year. ( UN REPORT ) The USA does only 5 down from 6. so stop thinking that if we dont drill in our own country, co2 will go down. The 18 MBD we use has to come from some where so if we dont get it here for your Subarus, Jeeps, etc then it has to come from somewhere, ANGOLA, RUSSIA, UAE, etc...



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