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Re(2): Mattis

To define any person’s life by one act of sedition goes against all principles of Christianity. I believe in the principle of sins can be forgiven is the basis of God’s sense of justice. These Confederate “heroes” were treated by our government with charity based on Lincoln’s desire to reunite the Union, free the slaves, and forgive those who fought to abolish our Constitution. If we, as a nation, have become so judgmental that our so-called sense of righteousness has been offended to the point of re-writing our history and call into question the actions of those who at the time wished to honor their heroes, then we have lost all sense of our own honor.

Yes, slavery was an unconscionable fact of our early government, but we rectified it and our Constitution was made stronger as a result. Those who riot and commit sedition in the streets should be dealt with the same zealous action as Lincoln did in putting down the Confederate rebellion. It seems to this old country boy that there’s not a damned bit of difference of the Democratic Party of 1860 and the Democratic Party of 2020. Donald Trump may not be political tactful and a bit of a “snake oil salesman” in his presentation, but I haven’t found any fault in his actions to protect our government. He hasn’t used high office to enrich either himself or his family, and I can’t say the same of Joe Biden.


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