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I think we have lost something in the Forum since we lost Ham Caldwell. We no longer argue a question -- we sort of report the news and that’s really sort of dull. We need to get back to the old days when we disagreed!

I’m interested in the present House investigation into the breach of the Capitol on January 6. This morning they are taking testimony for a number of police and guards who were responsible for the defense of the capitol. They are giving testimony on how they defended the capitol and the injuries they received.

Is that really what we need to know?

That’s very interesting but nobody seems to be interested in the questions - “ How did YOU fail?” “Why was the Capitol breached after the defense was PLANNED AND FUNDED?”

The success of the mob is evident.

What happened to fire one round over their heads, fix bayonets, and advance?

Anybody want to start an argument?


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