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more wolfeh

Dubbed Swoop Of Chestnut Hawk (Swoop)
I have Lived To Be A Adult
Born A Female
I am known as Swoop Of Chestnut Hawk and I am a striking wolf. I am built on a very balanced frame, with a slender, lithe appearance. Narrow shoulders and gently curving hips give me a very lean appearance. I have a slightly smaller crown then my sisterís that is usually lifted high in the air. Two rounded tall shaped auds are erect, the sinew clinging to the soft cartridge. Thick lashes frame large orbs. They are a striking topaz color, a gold-brown color that is memorizing. Now my orbits are not like the gems that humans adore so much. They are like lava, smothering. Moving on, I have a long snout, with a black nose that is pink tipped. My ivories are lethal things, long and pearly white.

My crown connects to a long neck that is usually arched with elegance of breeding. The flesh around my neck is thick, giving some protection to my jugulars. My pelt clings close here, thick and rough to the touch. My neck seems to not like anothers touch. My neck connects to a small, fine boned chest. The bones here are smaller, but slightly thicker, protecting my heart and lungs from being crushed. My flesh is thin here as well, pelt not thick at all, and silken soft to the touch.
My chest connects to a lean torso. The flesh clings tightly to the bones. My ribs show through my silken pelt. Each is kinda thin bones, curving to protect my internal organs. My rump is muscled finely, helping me shove off the terrain as I runs across the terrain. Now under my torso is a soft underbelly. The flesh here is dewy pink and vulnerable to attack. A plume curls from my rump, long and slightly lean. The plume is usually Held high, showing that I am a proud wolfess.

Shooting from my torso are pillars. Each pillars are thin, well built things. The bones in the pillars are long, and thin built for speed and agility but not strength. The flesh clings to the bones, with the pelt thin here to the touch. Now each pillar ends in large, swift paws. These paws have rough pads that endure the hardest of terrains. My daggers are black things that click against building floors, and the dig into the dirt terrain.
Now, I have described my figure, but now will work on my pelt. My pelt is thick in some places, and thin in others. Most strands are silken soft to the touch but here and there, the pelt is a rough shield. My pelt is the perfect shade of chestnut. It is a creamy color ginger and brown, giving me a more gentle look then my mother. Beautiful to appearance, and soft to the touch of another.
Markings are not in abundance on my pelt. I have creamy white strands of hair at the tip of my banner, almost as though I dipped my plume in a cup of milk. My paws have darker chestnut splashes on them, A bright ginger that is orb-catching. My chest is covered by creamy white fur. Around my mouth is white that contrasts wonderfully to the brown-ginger of the top of my mug. Dusted across my cheeks is the same creamy white as my chest and paws. Around my eyes is a orange-red colored that rings around them then floats on each side to the middle of my mug like a cheetahs. Surrounding my face is creamy tan-ginger fur. My ears are the same color as the rings around my eyes. The color gets creamier as it goes towards the insides of my ears, stopping inside them as a tan color.
Now another part of my appearance is my scar's. I am a calm wolf and I have not been in many fights, I was a prey hunter, my sister a cave guard. She did the fighting, I need the hunting with the rest of the prey-hunters in our pack while she did the fighting and guarding with the other cave-guards. I have many scratches from hawkís who fought for their lives but mostly just small scars that decorate my hide and back are small, from the falling stones of the mountains. Across my flank are four long scars, each pale pink. Those are from a eagle, just as the four across my shoulder are. I do have a scar from a wolf fight. It was against a brute, a big one. Mean and nasty. He was threatening my motherís litter and when we were fighting, he gave me a nasty bite to the flank, but I gave him more then one scar.
Calm;; I am very calm and collected. I am really the only one who can put up with Bird, so thatís why we stick together, to keep each other from going insane. I can shut her up from being a bitch for long periods of time, which is a good skill to have when you live with a wolf like Bird.

Intelligent;; I am a quiet a intelligent being. I have made plenty of mistakes, but no one is perfect, especially not me. I know how to survive, to get by in this world, and much more. Intelligence has given me the ability to form strategies, to keep myself alive, and to keep me ahead of those searching for me. I use this cunning part of myself to make sure no one will ever be able to figure me out, and to stay as far away from the true me as possible. I use my intelligence to please my alpha....sometimes.
Caring;; I have been a mother before, though I have to say Iím happy to not be a pup-mother anymore. Those little ones are grown now, and I am happy too. I miss them dearly, yes thatís true. I would like to have them again. But taking care of Bird is a full time job, Like raising a pup.


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