one track mind, like a gold fish

The more Danny watched Lorraine's face making decidedly un-Lorraine-like expressions, the more certain he was that it was Cal. It had to be... didn't it? He frowned when Lorraine shouted "No!" in answer to his question; it was less the sort of angry-Lorraine denial he was expecting/afraid of, and more... like an emphatic yes using the wrong word. And then Cal - it was Cal, wasn't it? - continued, her mouth wasn't saying what her head meant? The tail mention sealed the deal, and Danny felt his lips twitching. And then he burst into laughter.

"I'm sorry, I know it's probably not funny to you," he said, still sputtering. "But it's just... why'd they make you Lorraine of all people?!"

He nodded in answer to her question about the Omniety. "I don't know about sending you back to Xara, but the man in the green hat explains it. Omniety is a special event that happens each year, first round you do something crazy, second round... well.. " he gestured to her. "Congratulations?"

He bit his lip, reminding himself how upset and confused he'd been when it had happened to him. "Don't worry, it's not permanent. I was Tsi for just over two weeks, so it's gonna be alright. Did you freak Buddy out? Sol disappeared when I was Tsi, but I'm pretty sure he was just napping somewhere the whole time..."


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