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Who wants to thread? c:

Hey y'all! I've rejoined a few characters and I'm looking for people to post with! :D I've got three accepted already, one waiting, and a lot more wolves to rejoin over time.. but these four are the ones I'm sticking with currently. Lemme know if any of them catch your eye, I'm open to anything really. (Click their names to see their profiles, but I'll put some basic info for each one here as well.)

This is Bellatrix.

- Adult, female, no mate, no children, no pack.
-Rough around the edges, no nonsense, tactical, intelligent, slightly psychotic.
-Used to be Commander of Lucifer's Army (a large plot we had going where we took over an entire pack xD) a few years back.
-I'd love to get her into a pack somewhere and work her up the ranks. She isn't looking to be an alpha, maybe a beta, but really she just wants to be in charge of kicking ass.
-Willing to take on romance plots with any gender, but love isn't really on her mind and pups aren't in her cards, so it'll be a very slow burn romance and who ever chooses to pursue her will have to work their tail off to impress her and get her attention lol
-Morally she's not really bad, but she's also not good. She aligns with whichever side offers the best compensation for her efforts.

This is Carmilla.

-Female, young adult, no mate, no pups, no pack.
-More of a loner, prickly and jaded, but endearing and dedicated to select few.
-Not an actual vampire by BF standards, but has vampiric tendencies.
-Open to romance plots with females only. Open to other plots with literally anyone.

This is Braeden.

-Female, teen, no mate, no pups, no pack
-Sister of Sabelle, daughter of Pierce and Cordelia
-Optimistic, curious, adventurous, intelligent, independent.
-Open to romance plots, would love pups someday in the future, wants to find the family she never knew so she won't be settling down anywhere until she finds them. Open to any plot with anyone.

This is Aviias.
*waiting to be accepted*

- Female, adult, no pack, no mate, no pups.
-Literally nuts and obsessed with Xathira's boy Kershov.
-Saucy, sultry, witty, confrontational, power-hungry.
- Open for any plots really. She loves to sneak around and be a devious little snake. She loves to have a good time but also loves to fluster males who have literally no chance with her. Winning her affection is like winning the lottery. Sometimes you win a little, rarely you win a lot, usually you just strike out. xD

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