Re(5): Missing Sign Lets Say Goodbye to Mary and Lou

To the "highly educated woman", I'm not sure how using my first name only is "hiding";that must be over my uneducated head. Regarding Sally's remarks and your correspondence, let's talk about the town being in the red. Who's husband voted for A: A single-bid taj-mahal of a retaining wall located on Spafford Landing Road at a cost of about $300,000.00 that could have been done at a third of the price by the Spafford Highway Dept? And B: who's son-in-law benefited from this one-bid contract? Also, Who's husband voted for a $300,000.00 truck that, according to Sally, "put the town in the red for the first time?" Check the records; you'll see that Lou voted "no" on this vote. How about the $50,000.00 swampland purchase that your husband voted for several years ago? Wasn't it declared as a wetland by the Federal Gov't, thus rendering it useless? Shouldn't a perk test at least have been ordered? What was the assessed value of that land??? One wonders exactly who benefits from the above votes; certainly NOT the taxpayers...


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