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ugh ok on it -_-

OK here we go

Hidan, male, adult, Light grey rusty colored eyes, mean pushy and snappy

Marchosias, female, adult, white scraggly missing ear limp ice blue eyes, mean snappy and cold

Peaceful Dreams, male, teen, typical grey wolf hazel eyes, sweet loving and playful

Snow Runner, Male, Adult, white with grey streaks yellow eyes, player lover and fighter

Islands Beauty, female, adult, pure white icy blue eyes, sweet quite tom boy

Nature heart, female, adult, pure white green eyes, sweet loving wont fight

Ocean Spray, male, teen, typical looking grey wolf with blue eyes, player charming and sweet

Frozen Love, female, adult, pure white with blue eyes, tom boy sweet but protective

Flame heart, male, adult, tanish grey red wolf rusty orange eyes, sweet and fun loving

Lightning Flash, male, pup, pure white with cream patches, sweet shy and loving

Shadow heart, female, adult, pure black runt size blue eyes, shy sweet but evil lies within

Dark cloud, male, pup, pure black yellow eyes, sweet and caring

Lake runner, male, adult, whitish grey with blue eyes, player charming and loving

Times Keeper, Male, adult, grey wolf with long tail and legs yellow eyes, sweet playful a pup at heart

Akuma, female, adult, pure black wolf with ice blue eyes, evil hates life and kills for fun

Moon crystal, female, adult, pure white with blue eyes, sweet loving and caring

Chibiterasu, male, adult, pure white yellow eyes, sweet caring healer

Kodiack, male, adult, grey tan and brown with yellow eyes, caring and protective

Sandstone, female, pup ( unborn ), Tan with cream and brown patches yellow eyes, sweet caring and somewhat seductive

Sharp bone, male, pup ( unborn ) pure white with a small cream patch runt blue eyes, sweet protective a natural born leader

Ok think thats all


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