been out in the wild

Danny got it quicker than Flynn, but seemed more unsure of himself than the latter had been. Cal’s heart skipped a beat when he said her name questioningly, peering nervously into her borrowed face.

“No!” She exclaimed, her mouth autocorrecting the yes! Ugh. “I meant no. I mean…” Why was the irascible prankster who had turned her into a goddess so insistent that everyone should believe she really was one? “My mouth isn’t saying what my head means, but…”

She thought furiously. How could she identify herself without setting off the stupid magic spell which wasn’t letting her even say her own name? She needed something… something unique. Something no one could mix her up with. Something she was known for.

“Danny.” Cal exhaled, holding up her hands and looking at him pointedly. “I really miss my tail.”

Please take this tail reference as confirmation that I’m really me! She pleaded in her head.

He was still hesitant, but less panicked than he’d been a moment before. Cal bit back her impatience, reminding herself that Buddy was probably fine and wouldn’t have left the castle grounds without her. A couple of extra minutes away from him wouldn’t do either of them any harm.

“What’s omnee-atty?” She asked, frowning slightly. The word was slightly familiar. For some reason, the hill with the green light strolled lazily into her mind’s eye. “Has that got anything to do with the man in the green hat who sent me back to Xara?”



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