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Each character must be joined in their own, separate thread.
Once posted, Staff will post to Approve the character. If there is anything that needs to be changed, Staff will let you know!

Bio Sheet
* denotes mandatory field
*Name: make sure it’s not already in use!
*Age: 0 – 25
*Gender: Male / Female

*Eye Color: be specific, and don’t be afraid to get creative!
*Appearance: must include height, weight and a detailed description of both their fur coloration and body type; include defining scars, etc here

Personality: feel free to skip, but this can be a good way to ‘introduce’ them!
History: what brings them to moladion? not mandatory but a fun way to explore your character!

Can imprint? important: you can only change imprintability status once unless ability is lost through ‘natural’ means

OOC Name:
Where can we contact you? Discord, deviantArt, etc.
Have you read, and agree to abide by, the rules?
What is the required ‘word minimum’ of Lunar Children?

New players must supply a sample post.
The sample post doesn’t need to be long but must abide the minimum word count. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce your character to other players and get to know the character yourself!

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