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I`m late...

wow...where to begin. (Scarface, male, adult, Jet black with scars, orange eyes, A cold, calculating personality, with a love for violence.) (Fenrir, male, teen, dark grey with yellow eyes, a thin scar across his eye, quiet and thoughtful when not agressive.) (Roegan, male, adult, black with yellow eyes, Friendly but pushy.) (Skylight, female, adult, white with a grey chest, and grey streak across her skull. blue eyes, cold and bitter, yet srtong)(Firecrest, female, teen, white with a red streak down her back, brown eyes, eager to please, but with a bit of an attitude.) family lol. Keep in mind I`m on a phone. parenthesis mark individual wolf. (Tauros, adult, male,russet with white belly and a black mark shaped like a bull`s horns, green eyes, proud and a little aloof, but warm and loving.) (scorpio,adult, male, black with grey eyes, tail curled like a stingerand a white sopt on his chest, cold and calculating, but loving when nessesary.) (virgo, female, teen, light brown with green eyes and a sulrty frame, shy and quiet despite her beauty and seduction skills)( cygnus, pup, female, white with grey eyes, split personality, sad and lonly one minute, angry and cold the next.) ok, last big family.( Sadakah, adult, felame, light brown with amber eyes, a little naieve, but kind and motherly) (Reenoch, adult, female, sandy brown but covered in burns, grey eyes, bitter and snaappy with a sense of enttlement.) (cennunon, adult, male, dark grey with grey eyes, proud and feisty, but loyal and honest.) (tssetso, adult, male, sandy brown with blue eyes, quiet and a little shy.) ( Phantasme,adult,female, , mousy grey with one amber eye, open and friendly, with a motherly nature.) Ok..another and siter..(Inccubbuss,adult, female, black with white points, yellow and orange eyes, cold and cruel but inteeigent.) (inccusbus, male,


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