Once this place used to hold the yin and yang scenery of Blossom Field. Now, there are miles of winding tundra. To the north, this tundra is cruel and dry, with wisping weaves of tall grasses. The ground is cracked and cold, and it hardly is ever moistened by dearly desired rainfall. To the south, the tundra becomes more prosperous - meadows of flowers and herbs grace the ground. Part of this connects near Elebeam Weargtreow - however it is an impassible field of poppy, which will put any wolf trying to cross it into a deep slumber, and eventually die.

Those looking to hunt here will find mice, snakes, and rabbits, along with pronghorns, bison, and javalinas.


What doesn't destroy meMakes me stronger

I won’t give up until I destroy you all.

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Words could never describe the monster that ripped my friends and only known family member out of my life. Akuji started chuckling again, though this time he truly was amused. Though Horizon had just claimed that there were no words to describe it, his brief sentence described Akuji’s father exactly.

A monster.

Horizon continued to speak and as he did, Akuji lazily laid down upon the ground, lolling back on the ground, moving down onto his side. My mother was my keeper and my sire was my worst enemy. He could never be a father to me. Akuji nodded his head, wondering briefly if he was daydreaming. Everything that this hessian was saying so closely mimicked his own thoughts, feelings, and past that he had difficulty thinking that this was really him having another psychotic break. Was this his demon that he was actually talking to? Was he spending time with himself, seeing his innermost thoughts and feelings? Or was the brute actually real flesh and blood, another kalak who had gone through everything that Akuji had gone through himself. Was this brute familiar because he was truly Akuji? No… there were too many differences.

Why then was he so familiar?

I’m Horizon, by the way. And you are? Akuji’s closed lids snapped open and within a second he was up, on his paws once again. His spine rose until his hackles were fully extended and his limbs stiffened. Lips rose into a dangerous curl as memories flooded back to him clearly, memories that he had always sought to ignore or destroy… for any memory that had even a trace of his father was one that he hated. It was one that he feared. It was one that he wished to get rid of. A deep, guttural growl rumbled from his chest and his muds flashed, never once taking his eyes off of Horizon. “Did he send you?” His auds flickered, searching for sounds of approaching footfalls of soldiers that would pull him to the ground and kill him. Of the voice that haunted his dreams. Of the voice of his demon.


Memories of Akuji - beaten, broken on the ground with Farant, his father standing over him. And there, in the corner, was another little boy. Akuji's playmate until he was taken. Horizon.

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||Akuji|| ||Untainted|| ||Cold Summers - Omega|| ||Adult||


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