one track mind, like a gold fish

Danny startled when Lorraine scolded him, so terrified by the mere idea that the goddess was annoyed with him that it took a few moments of desperately trying to figure out to escape before her words got through to him. Don't call me Caldera? He blinked, frowning as he stared at Lorraine. The idea of studying the goddess up close and personal was rather terrifying, especially since he doubted she'd like a mortal looking at her like this, but... Something was wrong with the goddess. He gaped, his mouth falling open as Lorraine continued. Mate? Lorraine didn't say mate! But someone else he knew did... The pieces continued falling into place, especially when Lorraine went to reach for him and then thought better of it. After all, who else would be looking for Buddy? A goddess had no need of him...

Danny swallowed hard. This was giving him serious deja vu. Like that time he'd been Tsi! He bit his lip, then spoke slowly, nervously.

"Cal?" he asked, peering up into Lorraine's face as he searched for some semblance of Caldera behind Lorraine's flawless skin. He sure hoped he wasn't wrong; Lorraine would probably give him frostbite for sure if he was. "Did you... do Omniety this year?"


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