Re(1): Winchester M.L.

With all due respects to your politics, LOL, I'm basically a wannabe hunter, just to get that out of the way. I just found this Forum, due to the Winchester article on NECN, and have spot checked quite a few posts regarding MA sightings, all the way to it's beginning. I wish I had known of this Forum back around 2007 or 2008. Back then, I was driving a semi in the access road to the C&S Wholesale Grocers in South Hatfield, in the early dusk, when I spotted an animal coming out of the bushes to cross the road in front of me. At first, based on the color, I thought it was a red fox. As I came to a stop, it crossed about 15 - 20 feet in front of me and I could plainly see it was a Cougar. I don't think it was that large, probably under a hundred pounds and seemed to have a lot of black in it's face. Of course, it had the long, black tipped tail, so naysayers can go climb a tree. I had grabbed my camera, but of course it was gone before I got the camera going. My big regret is that I didn't get out and take pics of the tracks, as there was about 2 inches of fresh snow.
When I told the gate guards what I had seen, they told me they've seen everything from Cougers to Rabbits on their security cameras. I didn't think to ask if those cameras record what they see, as it would be easy to prove.
Sorry about the length of his post, but I also want to mention that my Niece's 6 year old Daughter ran into her house several weeks ago, saying she had just seen a large cat in the yard, and described a Mountain Lion perfectly. They live in Wilbraham, MA. JTP


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