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Re(1): Mine

My Name? It’s Dark Shadow On Water (Dark)
My Family? My mate and Sister Flight Of Startled Heron and our pups
My gender. Well Duh. Im a brute.
My Age? Im a Adult.
My fur is dark brown with a cream-tan tail, paws, and underbelly. On my back are strips of black and brown-black fur covers the top of my tail to the tip which is the same color as my paws. My eyes are a shocking green color and a cream-tan streak curls around them and then goes down to cover the under of my chin.
Im a player. I am the first of the line to do what I am going to do. I will build a pack of my pups and train them to do what I do.
Flight Of Startled Heron (Flight)
My Family? My brother and mate Dark Shadow On Water (Dark) and our pups
My Age? Im A Adult
Im a Vixen
My fur is a medium red-brown color, I have a paler shade of red-brown on my legs and paws, in between them is a dark ginger brown color. My back is made up of a dark ginger color, ontop of a medium ginger-brown fur that is marked with pale red-brown fur. I have the same shade green eyes as my mate.
Im mother of four healthy pups, each that Dark will train, except the runt. She will join me in providing pups for her two brothers, as will her sister though the other female will be trained with her brothers. Its cruel to force such young adults (Something I made happen) have pups but it is the way my mate wants it. I will care for each litter as if they were my own.

Our Pups:

Pine That Clings To Rock (Pine)
Light brown fur that is tipped with russet, green eyes like his father
Already showing signs of a fighter
Screech Of Angry Owl (Screech)
Dark Ginger fur with dark fur tipping his tail and has dark brown paws with shocking green eyes tha match his siblings eyes and their father’s.
A swimmer at heart, this one loves to play
Night Of No Stars (Night)
Eyes match her siblings and she has dark brown almost black fur and a ginger chest.
She’s sneaky and sly.
Moss That Grows By River (Moss)
She has pale ginger fur and the green eyes her family has. Her build is that of a runt.
She’s already showing signs of a good mother


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