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Alrighty, here are all of mine:

Name: Larka
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: An all white coat with deep chocolate eyes.
Personality: A very kind and loving wolf, she is also a great leader, exhibited with her past as the alpha of Spring Grounds

Name: Sweets
Age: Pup
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A light grey coat color with dull green eyes.
Personality: A very sweet boy who has trouble saying no to anyone in need of help.

Name: Click
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A solid dirt brown color with steely grey eyes. His eyes have flecks of blue in them in the right light.
Personality: Click is a very serious chap with a minute sense of humor and a huge belief in justice.

Name: Clack
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A solid dirt brown color with steely grey eyes. His eyes have flecks of gold in them in the right light.
Personality: Clack is very goofy and fun loving. He enjoys adventure to the point where he sometimes gets into trouble.

Name: Cade
Age: Pup
Gender: Female
Physical Description: White with crimson toes on her front paws, a crimson muzzle and crimson down her chest. The crimson fur extends over her left eye eye in a little slash like mark, but only on the left side. She has two mismatched colored eyes, one blue and one green.
Personality: Cade is a trouble maker and likes to pick on her brother. She can be fun but always considers her own safety.

Name: Halibel
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A ginger coat color with nearly clear blue colored eyes.
Personality: A head strong gal, she likes to push boundaries but she is all in all a lovely girl.

Name: Silver Bullet
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A silvery grey mixture in colors, he has brown speckles along his limbs and brown ears. He also has blue eyes.
Personality: Silver Bullet is very old fashioned in speech and is a relatively polite flirt. He is also very loyal to Queens, his alpha.

Name: Shino
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: An average grey wolf's coloration, he's a mix of greys, browns, blacks, and whites. He has golden eyes.
Personality: A warrior at heart, Shino is wise and loyal. He doesn't put much faith in emotions.

Name: Hex
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: His coat is made up of the average grey wolf's colors. He has amber colored orbs.
Personality: A mature gentleman who seems to have difficulty with love. He has changed alot over time.

Name: Name
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A white bodice light charcoal pillars, muzzle, and ears. He has sea foam colored eyes.
Personality: A bit aloof and more scientific, he likes to study and observe anything and everything. he is also extremely literal.

Name: Firefly
Age: Female
Gender: Adult
Physical Description: A lighter colored mixture of beiges and browns with a large black patch of fur that spans over her spine and down onto her left thigh.
Personality: Firefly is a complete sweetheart and can be utterly naive. She has never experienced any horrible tragedy, so she has a skewed view of the world.

Name: Nyrobi
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A mixture of grey and white, she resembles her father Arcadian. She has brown socks like her mother Queens, along with some brown freckling on her face, and the mismatched eyes of Sidorio, one blue and one green.
Personality: She is a little princess, literally. But she behaves like one too, often being rude and demanding. It didn't help any that she grew up the only girl in a litter of four.

Name: Lollipop
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A fair mix of brown, black, and grey, she is tall and lean. She has brown green eyes.
Personality: Lolli is a bit of a seductress, but she's cruel about it. She enjoys teasinf the boys and prefers to spend her time alone.

Name: Curse
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Physical Description: Curse is of average build, not on the tall side or short either. He weighs about 70 pounds, most of his weight consisting of muscle. His coat is made up of a variety of shades, including brown, black, grey, and white. They blend to make up the most general of looks seen on a wolf. He has no defining marks on his pelt, with the exception of the distinct brown line of fur that starts at the ruff of his neck and forms a loose V shape on his chest. His eyes are a molten gold in color, the same as his brother's.
Personality:A rather gentlemanly figure despite his name, he's grown up as a loner for most of his life. That hasn't stopped him from learning to love, learning the lessons of loss, and hating another at some point in his life too. He has settled into a rather calm and collected male with smooth manners and a sweet disposition even though his life has been rocky and difficult. He is not into large displays of masculinity, but he does not portray a feminine side either. He is simply more reserved about how he behaves in general. He knows how to let go and have fun when the mood is right, especially if he has gotten to know someone. He is also a very loyal wolf when it comes right down to it. He can sometimes be brutally honest with his words, usually without the intention of being rude or cruel. Sometimes he just doesn't know how to phrase his words in a less afronting way.
History: Curse and Hex were born in the same litter, along with a female pup. The three of them were raised by their parents, a pair of leading wolves for a large pack found somewhere to the north of Blossom. A war waged between their pack and that of a rival ripped families apart and left the body counts on the rise as wolf attacked wolf and some betrayed their loyalties. Hex witnessed the slaughtering of his father, felt the hard ground as he hit it when his father did, rolling from his father's mouth. The wolf who had managed to get the upper hand against their father was coming after Hex next, determined to wipe out the king's line, but something distracted him long enough for Hex to flee. Hex didn't know that it had been Curse who had started the barking in a nearby pile of brush that distracted the rival wolf. By the time the big brute had brought his skull back around to focus on Hex again, the pup had disappeared. Curse did the same, running as fast as his legs could carry him, finding refuge in a fallen tree's hollowed out center. The next morning, when all was quiet and the salty tang of blood hung in the air, Curse moved on without going back to check for signs of life. Instead, he looked for Hex for a few days until he became too ravenous to ignore his stomache. Hex had gone back to see the damages, which meant that the two siblings failed to see that the other had survived.

Curse gave up the search for Hex to pick up the search for food. In his meager attempts to find something edible, he stumbled upon and old warrior who he often saw his father speaking to and asking for advice. Though the wolf was heavily scarred from past experiences and had a good deal of arthritis problems, he managed to keep Curse fed and healthy long enough for the pup to grow into a teen and sustain himself before passing away. The time spent with the old wolf had been somewhat happy, despite the stories of Curse's father that would seep into the conversation and then make everything drift to a heavy silence as they both remembered that day in the past. Once the old wolf had succumbed to death, willingly mind you for it was his time, Curse moved on and wandered for a while. He finally went back to the sceene of so many deaths, but the scavengers had cleaned the field of flesh. He could find a few scattered bones and some places where so much blood had seeped into the ground that barren patches of dirt had sprung up, but other than that, it looked like nothing had ever happened.

For a time after that, he travelled south. Along the way, he met a few wolves with whom he became good friends. He lost one to an angry bear, a stupid stunt the group had tried to pull off that had backfired and cost one of their friends their life. Two of the wolves, a female and a male, were mates. A rivalry sprang up between the dark hued wolf and Curse as they often disputed dominance and Curse found a growing hatred for the wolf since the problem of dominance brought out the wolf's possessive nature. In the end, Curse and the rest of the group drove him away, the female who had chosen him refusing to follow him. The little band of wolves settled down in a valley, but Curse became restless and left not long after. However, he made sure that they were well off before he left. From the valley, he travelled to Blossom, following a faintly familiar scent that drew him in like a fish on a hook, but the reason for its familiarity eluded him.


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