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Takes A Deep Breath............. EDITED!!!!

Name: Psy
Age: Adult
Gender: fae
Physical Description: grey with grey body
Personality: shy, and mysterious

Name: line
Age: adult
Gender: feya
Physical Description: black with blood-red tips and brown eyes
Personality: vicous, killer, hateful, twisted

Name: Rose Petal
Age: pup
Gender: feya
Physical Description: light red, with honey colored eyes
Personality: bossy, but sweet

Name: Fading Echo
Age: pup
Gender: feya
Physical Description: dark grey, with grey eyes
Personality: fades into background, protective, but smart

Name: Fragile Soul
Age: pup
Gender: feya
Physical Description: light grey, with watery blue eyes
Personality: very emotional, but playful and fun

Name: Candy
Age: adult
Gender: fae
Physical Description: white with honey-colored 'mask' and a puffy tail with honey tip
Personality: seducer and hunter

Name: Emo
Age: adult
Gender: fea
Physical Description: black with charcoal eyes
Personality: withdrawn, and unemotional

Name: Nine
Age: teen
Gender: male
Physical Description: grey, tall, and light blue eyes (twin with Eleven)
Personality: aloof, protective, smart, catious

Name: Eleven
Age: teen
Gender: Female
Physical Description: light grey, shorter then Nine but still tall, with light(er) blue eyes
Personality: playful, fun, girly,

Name: Sure Shot
Age: adult
Gender: female
Physical Description: light grey with dark grey, darker blue eyes
Personality: catious, smart, protective, playful, trusting, trust-able

Name: Cetus
Age: teen
Gender: fae
Physical Description: dark brown with mud-brown splotch on chest
Personality: seducer, playful, smart

Name: Faded Glory
Age (pup, teen, adult): Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown, with black 'blanket' and black 'socks' green orbs
Personality: Fade seems to fade in and out, sometimes he's there, sometimes not really.
he is really truly set in good ways, but he is more Chaotic Good then
Lawful Good, meaning he does what He thinks is right.

A Fragment (also known as Soot)
Older pup
two-faced. she hates her mum to the end of the world. will attack and attempt to kill any wolf who resembles her.
white with honey colored eyes. her fur is stained black with soot from and fire, and has missing patches

The Eagle (also known as Ash)
Older pup
two-faced. he hates his mum to the end of the world. will attack and attempt to kill any wolf who resembles her.
white with honey eyes. fur now grey due to being stained by ash, and has missing patches of fur where it was burnt off.

Will add more, as I remember them <3


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