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/Best of the best. :3

Name: Miya
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Mostly light silver[NONMETALLIC :3] with variations of darker silver laced at various parts of herself. Slender and slim, and her eyes are a nice bright silver colour as well- only with a thin band of burnt sienna encircling her pupil. Why you might ask? Play with her to find out ;3
Personality: She's pretty much your average girl, kind, caring, nurturing. But of course she has her dark passenger[DEXTER REFERENCE FTW] from her past and can have psycho moments. Like the one she is currently having with dear Skrilly :3 MOVING ON.

Name: Shia
Age: Older Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A dark grey is what her pelt is mostly made up of, with variations like Miya but of a much darker shade then the silver. Her eyes are a bright citrine hue.
Personality: She's a natural born leader, and has this obsession with Paradise. She is also very wise and knowledgable, and blah blah blah.

Name: Llorana
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: White as snow and just as cold, but not really. Pristine white pelt with matching sapphire irises to complete the 'angelic' look.
Personality: This girl is far from angelic, though she's not evil, persay. She's normally cold, calculating, watchful, and all that good stuff. She was never really a child[pup in this case] by having to grow up much faster than the rest, and so she was dubbed with the old name 'old soul' in her latest pack. Her eyes always seem to hold a.. knowing look to them. Also; LLORANA X NIKO FOREVERRRR<3

Name: Aleu
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A wonderful mix of colours, her coat is made up of browns, cremes, and auburns with a tad of white thrown in there. Her eyes are a deep firey amber, almost akin to orange but still with a golden tint to them.
Personality: She's friendly and open, once she decides she likes you, and currently has a crush on Pally[BUT DONT TELL HIM. HE DOESN'T KNOW<3] and is creepily seeking him out in his packlands. What does that tell you about her? ;3 Also as a side note; I was going to develop a dual personality for her, but.. not sure where that's going or how to make that work. So, she's still sort of a work in progress.. as all characters are really o-o

Name: Kiaori
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: The main hue of her coat is a deep russet, but then it is highlighted with a variation of toffees and cremes that give her a tasty look, literally ;3 Her eyes are a nice firey amber colour, but with more gold in them than orange.
Personality: Very very very very very very very very very [enough very's for you? didn't think so] very very very very innocent and naive about everything in the whole entire universe. Sweet, kind, caring, easy to manipulate, the whole shebang. My little child wolf thing. <3 SIDENOTE; She ish Paladin's younger sister, he just doesn't know it yet. >...>

Name: Seline
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: The base of her coat is a pristine alabaster, but being of the Satanican bloodline, her markings are an intense crimson, but not firetruck red of course ;D her markings are as follows; a nice big old blotch across her lower back, her right back leg from the middle down to the tips of her paw, the right half of her muzzle, forehead, and throat, winding down to the opposite side of her throat as well, and leading lightly down her front right leg but only slightly so. Her eyes are but an intense, emerald green that seduces on contact [sexy wolf is sexy]
Personality: Just like all Satanican's, Seline has a taste for blood and battle, which she is most experienced and graceful in. Though she enjoys blood shed, she is THE BEST MOMMY IN THE WORLD especially to her two babies Cade and Quirno who are not babies any longer /sadface. She's really quite sassy and sharp tongued if someone crosses her, and if she does not deem something important enough for her attention- it is null and void and does not exist in her world. Family is everything, and by family I do not mean pack. I mean her immediate bloodline, the Satanicans are what matters to her, no one and nothing else.

Name: Rio
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Fire crotch! But really, mostly red head with a nice creme coloured splash on his chest as well onyx markings along his back thighs. They are somewhat similar to tribal markings, but disfigured and funky. You know how it goes. His eyes are a bright citrine colour flecked with emerald green.
Personality: He was born a prince, and he will die a prince. But not really, he is just royalty is all, no big deal 'er nothin'. He's very sure headed and kind and caring and open and funny and friendly and blah blah blah. But with the departure of a certain Alpha whose name shall not be spoken of since it makes him so sad /CoughSATOWRACough he has been a very depressed boy and all that good unhappy junk.

Name: Sabre
Age: Older Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Black as the ice inside his heartttttt, but not really. He's just a onyx gangster from the good ol' tundra, with a nice splash of white across his chest with russet fringes surrounding said splash of white. His eyes are a nice mismatched couple of the brightest of blues and the yellowest of yellows. Nice golden colour. Something like that! Also, because he is such the old man he is, he has a nice colour of grey/white at the end of his muzzle and slightly along his jaw. Old man is sexy ;3
Personality: Sabre pretty much doesn't give a care in the world about anything that doesn't pertain exactly to himself. In essence, he will not care about you if you are unworthy of him, and there are quite few who manage to impress him. Otherwise he's calm, always prepared but not overly alert, and upon first glance you'd most likely find a nice lazy expression across his face. He's just that cool.

Name: Holo
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A plethora of different colours, the base colour of his coat is the same silver as his fathers, but with his mother comes in the browns and cremes which mesh to make all sorts of variations. His eyes are mismatched, one being a brown much like his mothers but has lightened considerably to an almost hazel colour, basically a brown/gold mixture, while the other is the sky blue of his fathers- one of the only reminders of him besides his coat and the pain in side his heart. /Cue violin music.. OH. And he's also very slim and slender, like a girl only he's a boy. Maybe :3
Personality: Vury vury vury kind and caring, basically a spitting image of his Mommy and all the good fixins'. He likes to do his best to help people out and goes out of his way and blah blah blah. Also, since his Father and little sister left, he's been a depressed boy but has been slowly coming out of his funk bit by bit, and his normal self is finally beginning to reveal itself. Also has a crush on Bouki, even though they've never met. Yeah. He's a creep too :3

NEW MALE;Name: Lawrence, or Law for short
Age: Unborn
Gender: Male
Appearance: As both his Mother and Father; Zelda and Hex; behold average colour and markings for grey wolves, so does Lawrence. He shows the same grey and browns as his Father, as well as the same browns and cremes from his Mother- though his markings are a tad different. The sides of the boys muzzle are an all creme hue, which wraps around the sides of his jaws as well as dipping slightly down along his throat. A darker colour, almost onyx in hue traces along his temples, and his forehead, before dipping down to run a light streak down the bridge of his muzzle. His eyes are framed by gentle creme smudges, the irises of his eyes being the same blue as his Grandmother's- completely different from both his parents as well as siblings. The perimeter of his irises are each a deep sapphire blue before the hue considerably lightens the closer it gets to his pupil, and though it is a noticable trait it is not exactly distinct. The boys nicely fourmed audits are framed in the same onyx as along his temples, but the rest of his coat is a mixture of browns, cremes, and even a darker charcoal in various areas. Thin streaks of the charcoal run along his shoulders and slightly down his front legs, and there are several dashes of the colour against his hind legs but that is the extent of it. When Lawrence is first born, his pelt won't be nearly as detailed as just described, and for the first few months his coat will remain a earthy colour in tone, considerably getting lighter and more pronounced as he ages. Though Law will never have the thick stature of a full adult male, instead he will remain slim and rather slender- often his frame appearing quite feminine instead of masucline. But only time will tell if this is a sign of anything or not ;3
Personality; As he grows up, Lawrence will be a very friendly and outgoing pup, but as he ages he will learn how to be more reserved and refined then compared to both his siblings- and even his parents. He will always be kind and friendly towards others, just perhaps not openly as he had been when he was little.

and I believe that is all. If I remember another, or make another I'll be sure to add 'em on. I bet you enjoyed reading all of that, you stalkers you ;3


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