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So Far

Name:Midnight Sun
short black fur and green eyes.
Nice and kind but has a dark side.

Forever Dawn
She has white fur with grey tipping each strand of fur and eerie blue eyes.
She is a strange one.She loves Dawns and hates Sunsets.Yet she is Kind and compassionet.

Breaking Dawn
He is the opposite of Forever Dawn in apperance.He has grey fur with white tipping each strand of his long fur.His eyes are alm green.
He loves Dawn's is alright with sunsetS.He too is kind and sweet like Forever Dawn.

New Moon
He has the reddish colored pelt of his mother.Though he has Blue eyes like Forever Dawn,he has short fur instead of long fur like most of his family.
He is sly as a fox but really sweet around his sisters

She has long,thick,smooth snowy white fur with bright Amber-brown eyes.Her thick white fur is dense and soft with a small triangle of light grey in the middle of her throat.
She is sweet and has a calm,soothing aura about her that seems to sooth everyone.She has a bubbly,happy being so at times she seems to have the way of a pup about her but all in all she is very laid back and caring.

He has medium length grey and russet fur with white markings.His thick,soft,dense pelt is always healthy.He has broad shoulders.He has a amber gaze which is almost always clear and calm.
He is shy and bubbly.He hates fighting and is a happy-go-lucky guy.He loves his adopted sister Belleza and is feircly over protective of her but still respects her and knows her well enough to know she will be able to take care of herself.
Her thin,petite,tiny frame is covered by long,thin fur.Her pelt is a mixture of russet,grey,and brown.Her amber eyes are now dull and sad.
She is fearfull of brutes and her eyes are now dull with fear and full of sadness.She feels unwanted and sad.
She was born to a abusive father and a fearfull mother.Her father beat her older siblings and mother.Her mother and siblings decided that she and her brothers would not grow up like the first litter had.So they sent the pups to old friends who hated her father.But no one wanted the thin,petite,tiny female.She was the only female of the litter.So her older sister just dropped her little sister by the border of Andere Seite Pack.
Shika has a small petite frame.She has a thick pelt of creamy russet fur and brilliant blue eyes.
She is shy and scared but sometimes she shows her laid back and and comfortable personality.

She was born to a lone wolf younge mother.She had never been wanted.So her mother left her there.And walked away.A kind stranger pointed the way to Cold Summers pack and that's where she is heading now.
Dark Fox
First born Pup
Their first born takes the good looks of his father with the same ice blue eyes of his mother.A very handsome one indeed.He has a thick pelt of smokey black fur and a masculin build.He pierces you with a hard icey gaze.
A player like his father.He is sly and cunning.Yet his sudective ways make even his mother fall for him(if you agree).He's gonna be known as the best player,second only to his father.

Stormy Night
Second Born Pup
He to is handsome like his father.Though his pelt is slightly lighter then the rest of his family he is quit the catch.He has ash coored fur and dark brown eyes.He too is muscular and him and his brother Night Fox are the strongest of the litter.
Personality: A player like his father he will train hard with his father and brother then,along with his brother,will breed,take the strongest pups,and take them to his father to train

Lilac Moon
3rd Pup Born
She is a very pretty wolf.She has long silver-grey fur and Irish Blue eyes that are sparkling and pretty.She has darker grey paws,tipped tail,and under belly.
Personality: She is highly seductive though she decides to stay with her mother.She's a bit uppity
Name: Shining Star
Age (pup, teen, adult): Pup
Gender: Femme
Appearance: She has a pale gold pelt with darker gold dapples.Se has a white muzzel and white paws.When they open her eyes with be amber.
Personality: She's sweet and kind.She loves to play and is very gracefull like a Dancer.

Name: Cedar
Age (pup, teen, adult): Pup
Gender: Brute
Appearance: He has snowy white fur and with golden brown paws,chest.underbelly,and throat.He will have dusky blue eyes when they open.
Personality: He's firm,and Alpha like,He loves to play and He's kinda clumsy

Name: Dusk Light
Age (pup, teen, adult): Pup
Gender: Brute
Appearance: He's golden Brown with white dapples and faded white-grey paws and a faded white-grey maw.When they open he with have hazel eyes.
Personality: He's got a slightly dusky way about him.While he does like to play he is the darkest of the three pups.
Young Adult
He has jet black fur with random splotches of white.He has pale grey eyes that have hints of blue in them.He is lean and well built.
Cruel,Sadistic,Cunning,Intelligent,Great Strategist,Cold,Controls his Emotions,Sarcastic,Loves A Good Fight,Amazing Fighter,Doesn't Trust Easily,Can Be Loyal If It's Earned,Blood Thirsty,Manipulative.

Young Adult
Tan with brown patches.Grey Eyes.Beautifull,Athletic,And Well Built.
Personality:Revan's Mate,Contols her Emotions,Sarcastic,Great Strategist,Amazing Fighter,Lolay If Earned,Doesn't Trust Easily,Intelligent,Balances Revan Out,Only One Who Can Stope Revan From Going On Rampage.
Name: Lilian
Age (pup, teen, adult): Pup
Gender: female
Appearance: she has light brown fur and white patches.Her eyes are green.
Personality: Kind and sweet

Name: Perseus
Age (pup, teen, adult): Pup
Gender: brute
Appearance: dark brown and light brown blended together form his pelt,with honey colored eyes.
Personality: A little over confident but deep down he's really sweet
Apperance:Dark ginger-red pelt with shocking grass green eyes.
Personality:She’s still sly as a fox but now that she had her pups(See first of line) She’s mellowed quit a bit.

Apperance:Light red colored simalier to RedMoons own pelt(See Above) with the same shocking grass green eyes.
Personality:Really Really mellow.


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