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Hehe (:

Character name: Nalia
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Appearance: Me? You wanna know what I look like? Well, starting from my muzzle, its black but fades to a dark grey when it reaches my eyes, getting lighter til up to my fluffy auds, which darken to black all the way back to the rest of my frame, my left back paw is white. My eyes are actually a beautifull, rare purple/blue, leaning more the blue side than purple.
Personality: I treasure my life, and am thankful to be alive. Things happened in my life that I like to keep to myself, in the back part of my mind, in a box that will never be opened any time soon. Don't mistake that for being shy or one who holds back her feelings. I prefer to be outgoing, talking to many others to see which one fits me best, who I can call a friend. Although leading was never my thing, I'm more of a follower, staying on the low side most of the time.

Name: Ambrosia
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Appearance: I am pitch black with no other colors in my pelt, and I have emerald eyes.
Personality: I speak my mind most of the time, and I do have an extremely bad side, but yet I have a very sweet side also. I never back down, of course, unless I know I do not have a chance of winning. I am loyal and protective, but to me, What is the reason behind being good or evil?

Character name:Calix
Age: adult
Gender: male
Appearance:Calix has a black, white and grey pelt. The white/grey starts from his front legs, up his chest and turns more white around his emerald eyes, although a black snip is on his nose. It then fades out from grey/white to black for the rest of his pelt, all except for a few lighter patches on his back. His ears, back legs and tail are the darkest part of him.
Personality: Loyal and friendly, he can cooperate with almost anyone. He is nice, but can fight whenever he is required to, and he will not back down if it is started. He would do anything to protect what he loves.

Name: Fantasia
Age (pup, teen, adult): adult
Gender: fae
Appearance: pure white with a few tan spots, her ears and muzzle are slightly darker than the rest of her body, which is also really muscular. Her eyes are golden but fierce.
Personality: Is very cruel, mean and vicious. She doesn't put up with much, so don't get on her bad side.
Loyalty: Evil

Character name: Crank
Name: Crank
Age (pup, teen, adult): Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Orange/brown with a redish tint colored pelt that fades down its legs into black as night. The tip of its tail ends in white, while on the opposite end(the head/muzzle), it goes to a darker brown to black once again. (:
Personality: Is very ougoing. Mostly nice. Darkness hides inside his soul, but he plays out his innocence well. Teeth sharp and ready to tear into any throat any day, but only if needed. For a teen his tough, fear peeking its way through every so often.

Name: Persephone
Age (pup, teen, adult): Adult
Gender: female
Appearance: Gray and light brown mixture. Aqua colored eyes
Personality: Nice but has a cruel side to her. She can be a huge flirt (;


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