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her are mine<3

name blazing heart
fluffy white she wolf with a black underbelly
sweet and kind and aggressive at time

name:blazing blade
age: teen(eleven months)
appearance:black with white chest,tail,paws,under belly,and muzzle
gender: male
personality :sweet ,kind,and aggressive sometimes due to his past

name : blazing tigress
appearance:black with gray ears light blue/hazel eyes
personality:sweet ,kind ,loving,fun,loves when brutes are protective of her

my name is: frost fawn
my age is:adult
my gender is:fae
my appearance is:white,light grey paws ,ears ,eyes yellow
my personality is :loving,caring,loves when brutes pay attention to her

name:frost rose
appearance:white with light gray maw/yellow eyes
personalty:kind,gentle,loving,no mate
loves when brutes pay attention to her

name frost lake
gender fae
age adult
appearance black
personality loving kind aggressive when you piss her off she will not forgive you

name:white river
age: pup
appearance:light grayish-white blue eyes
personality:sweet, playful,loving,loves to spend time with her family she is time and blaze pup

name:red claw
appearance:black pelt,gray stripe down his spine,yellow eye
personality:kind, caring,nothing like his dad,carnage except his fur
brother to white love

name:white love
appearance:white with light gray paws that fae to white light blue eyes
personality:kind,caring,much like her mother frost fawn

name:lighting strike
appearance:black with white,stripe that looks like a lighting strike down his spine,bright yellow eyes
personality:kind,loves pups,if you piss him off you will regret it because he will strike like a lightning strike thus where he got his name

rushing water
light white gray light blue eyes
caring,needs loving home,loving,loves when anyone cares for her,she is snappy when you piss her off and since she is a pup she will rarely forgive you

name:frost love
appearance:light white-gray with dark blue orbs
personality:sweet,kind,caring, aggressive when around alot of wolves,loves pups

name:white demon
appearance:he is white with reddish lack eyes
personalty:he is kind at times,evil,he loves to fight,loves to mess with emotions

Name:Sweet Love
age:newborn pup
appearance:mostly white with a gray underbelly,chest and muzzle really light blue eyes
personality:loving,sticks up for anyone who she cares about,caring sweet

Name:Black Light
age:newborn pup
appearance:mostly black with one white muzzle dark brown eyes
personality:fights for his family like his brother Darkfang,loving to his family

My name Snow Love
my age adult
my gender female
my appearance im white as snow with blue orbs
my personality some say im sweet kind and nice but theres a different side to me

name Demon Bull
gender brute
age adult
appearance white with a black paw and amber eyes
personality Loving,Protective of who he loves,some say he's a player but really he just want friends

name: aiyana (eternal blossom)
gender fae
appearance she is white with really light blue eyes
personality she is sweet,kind,loving,caring,
history her mom named her that because she grew faster than her siblings and her mom got shot and her and her sister made it but her other sibling didn't so they traveled here to start a new life her sister is ama witch means water

Name Ama (water)
Age adult
Gender fae
Appearance she is black but has dark blue orbs as if they were the bottom of a blue lake
Personality kind,caring,loving, usually,stays by her sister but has grown more apart and travels with her but then goes a separate way
history her mom named her Ama because she loves water she often hangs around it she knows how to swim and her mom was shot like her sister mom(same mom duh i should of put that) her and her sister are the only ones that survived but they never met their father

Name Abele
gender brute
age newborn
appearence white with golden brown ears and maw and golden eyes
personality charming and loyal.

my name Demon Star
My age adult
my gender male
my appearance Black fur with crimson tail paws ears chest and underbelly amber eyes
my personality some say im sweet and kind im nothing like that i am harsh and evil
my history my son ran from his training and i tracked him here his name is Demon Moon he has crimson fur he is second in command of our pack

My name Channing Demon
my age adult two years
my gender fae
my appearance i'm a white with gray paws that run up my legs and fade to white
My personality im sweet and kind but dont get my mad or it wont be pretty and i wont forgive you

my name:Demon Moon
i am a brute
my age adult two years
what i look like im crimson red with amber eyes
my personality some people say im a charmer i believe them i tend to hang around faes and fight brutes i would never dream of hurting a fae unless they told me to

Name Abelia
gender fae
age newborn
appearance golden brown wolf with a creamy white chest and blue eyes
personality kind,sweet,loving,and much like her dad

name Amberstone
age adult
gender brute
appearance he is a golden brown wolf with a white under belly and amber eyes and he is blind in his right eye
personality he is sweet,loyal,kind,and if you call him a right eye blindy he will snap

name Mystic Heart
gender fae
age adult
appearence she is a light gray wolf with a black patch around her left eye and she has blue eyes but she is blind
she doesnt take it hard when you call her names but she does snap at people when they call her blind and she is a sweetie

name Rock
age pup
gender brute
appearance he is just a little darker brown than his sister has brown eyes
personality he is the strong one of him and his sister he is brave,kind,he inspires his sister

name Sugarcane
age pup
gender fae
appearance a little light brown and has brown eyes also
personality kind,sweet,loving,her brother inspires her


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