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wolfies galore!

here are all mah knights in shining armor (or losers in tin foil..);; my chicos mysteriosos!

Name: Kouga
Age: adult (almost 3 years)
Gender: male
Physical Description: Dark chocolate cloak with multiple hues of browns and tans.... light ice blue eyes.
Personality: This guy is my trouble maker. Stingy, rude, obnoxious and overall just not the kind of guy you'd like. He's got a good heart though... buried deep down inside <3

Name: Hiore
Age: adult (4 years)
Gender: males
Physical Description: all black with multi-coloured oricles... one is blue and one is green.
Personality: Used to be fun loving... is now very quite and thoughtful, considerate and quite the gentleman. :)

Name: Yue
Age: adult (4 years)
Gender: male
Physical Description: White pelt and extremely light blue eyes, they look more gray than blue, but...yeah. (i've changed this just recently... his eyes used to be all amber... ^^")
Personality: strong silent type, smiles a lot and loves to make others happy...

Name: Cry of Freedom
Age: adult (2 years)
Gender: male
Physical Description: able, fit bodice with a crimson hued pelt and amber eyes.
Personality: can be an ass to those he doesn't like, he's very sweet and caring though.

Name: Chrno
Age: teen ( 1 1/2 years)
Gender: male
Physical Description: all black except for a scar beside his left eye, which is in the shape of a contorted white cross.
Personality: quiet and to himself... dedicated though, and loyal.

Name: Toothless (son of HiorexGypsy)
Age: pup (newborn)
Gender: male
Physical Description: all black with green/yellowish eyes.
Personality: fun-loving and intuitive. loves to cause mischief but knows when he's going too far.

Title: Helsing
Age: Teen
Born: Hessain
Appearance: all black except for a divided mask on his palette, where black and white is separated from side to side. He has one blue eye and one golden one.
Personality: No clue. It never stays the same and doesn't work on his schedule. However, he does tend to be quite kind for the most part, though he is rash and unforgiving at others. :)

and of course, who could forget my lovely ladies?! angels in disguise!

Name: Millie
Age: adult (3 years)
Gender: female
Physical Description: typical gray wolf, brown eyes and the classic white underbelly, gray and brown cloak.
Personality: extremely sweet and easy to talk to. not so good with pups, but she has her reasons... however, there's always a demon lurking around in an angel that seems too good to be true ;)

Name: Nausicań Arialis
Age: pup (newborn- daughter of AkinaxFreedom)
Gender: female
Physical Description :a crimson/russet canvas mixed with shades of chocolates and tofees, her eyes are brown. :)
Personality:very kind and gentle- loving and understanding- a soul that looks for the optomistic side of life and a wolf that's easy to talk to about things that will trouble another.

Name: Kohaku
Age: teen (1 1/2 years) - daughter of Oturion(scarface)xJeanne d'Arc
Gender: female (totally messed up on the join board... said she was a male xD woops!)
Physical Description: all white with a few patches of a rusty orange... she has her fathers amber eyes.
Personality: a little on the unapproachable side- as she has an aura about her that presses on the brinks of "danger". she is very kind though, and talented in battle affairs.

Name: Hallelujah
Age: adult (6 years)
Gender: female
Physical Description: all gray with a few dark black marks... missing one of her eyes, the remaining one has an amber golden color to it.
Personality: mean and very old... cranky and just a hellish experience to get along with. Even more so than kouga. xD

Name: Ragnar÷k
Gender: Valkyrie
Age: Young Adult
Physical Appearance: Muddy ashen pelt with icey gray eyes. She has white smudges on the bottom of her left hind paw, so when she lifts her feet, flashes of white can be seen from a good distance away.
Personality: A kind of depressed attitude, not very friendly, and definitely doesn't talk much. She has... anti-social issues. She knows that all things change, therefore she doesn't hold onto anything

okay, i think that's all of them... ill come back and edit if i remember someone else :)


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